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User Name: fergusonat
Member Since: 5/2/2005 10:13:00 PM
Home Town: Richmond, VA
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Biography: My name is Anthony and I go to University of Richmond, CLASS OF 2010. I love coasters, art, music, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Busch Gardens Europe is my home park. I also occasionally visit the.....other Virginia park, but usually only in 1-2 hour increments, lest I vomit. My AIM is Das Ferghaus

Top 5 Parks:

1. Knoebels
2. Busch Gardens Europe
3. Kennywood Park
4. Islands of Adventure
5. Busch Gardens Africa
6. Lake Compounce
7. Cedar Point
8. Six Flags Great Adventure
9. Hersheypark
10. Sea World Orlando
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.9149 1
2. Phoenix Knoebels 4.8052 8
3. Ravine Flyer II Waldameer Park 4.7500 -
4. Maverick Cedar Point 4.6667 20
5. Boulder Dash Lake Compounce 4.8873 2
6. Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia 4.6667 -
7. Pippen/Thunderbolt Kennywood 4.2540 99
8. Bizzaro Six Flags New England 4.8110 6
9. Apollos Chariot Busch Gardens Williamsburg 4.7143 15
10. Phantoms Revenge Kennywood 4.4545 55

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