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Thunder Rapids @ Lake Compounce
This ride is well set up along the side of the hill. The layout is great and the ride enjoyable. The lift at the beginning creates a better feel of riding rapids through the wilderness. The rides stays fairly active through out, only giving up at the very end. the only down fall with this Rapids ride is it doesnt get you very wet. There are, or w...
Critic mrceagle rates it 4 out of 5.
Ride of the Day - Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Picture of Blue Streak Theme Park Critic Ride of the Day Blue Streak is ranked #243 out of 2933 rides overall on Theme Park Critic. There have been 144 theme park ride reviews for the ride with an average rating of 3.69 out of a 5.0 possible points. Blue Streak has been listed in 33 users top ten lists and has been marked as ridden on 538 of our users ride trackers.

The ride is designated as a "Wooden Coaster" and can be found at Cedar Point in Ohio.

Top Reviews:
"In a park like Cedar Point, where the newest thrills are constantly making their presence known as they grace the landscape, it is great to see a seasoned veteran of the coaster world still stand str..."
- PhantomNik rates it 3 out of 5
"My #1 wooden coaster, this 78 foot tall ride offers amazing airtime and an out of control feeling the whole way. a genuine classic. Very low lines, so my advice to you is to sit in the 1st car, 3rd s..."
- cpfan420 rates it 5 out of 5
"Usually Ill only ride the Blue Streak if theres no wait, or not much of one, which is often the case. Its so much fun, especially at night when they speed it up and toss you around substantially mor..."
- bista rates it 5 out of 5
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Blue Streak Lift

Blue Streak Sign

Blue Streak Station

Outside Blue Streak Station

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