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Pteranodon Flyers @ Islands of Adventure
I wasnt allowed on last time i went becasue im too tall, but when i went the week the park opened, i went on this and its more fun than you think. Unfortunetly, because of the design, the line barely moves and it definately isnt worth the wait for the minute you are up there. Skip it if you can. But, it would be cool if they had something like thi...
Critic TheCarneth rates it 2 out of 5.
Ride of the Day - Thursday, November 27, 2014
Picture of Gwazi Tiger Theme Park Critic Ride of the Day Gwazi Tiger is ranked #160 out of 2890 rides overall on Theme Park Critic. There have been 75 theme park ride reviews for the ride with an average rating of 4.01 out of a 5.0 possible points. Gwazi Tiger has been listed in 48 users top ten lists and has been marked as ridden on 276 of our users ride trackers.

The ride is designated as a "Wooden Coaster" and can be found at Busch Gardens Tampa in Florida.

Top Reviews:
"This is only my second woodie but out of the two this is my fav. I loved the drop! It also had great air time! It was way better than the cheetah at WildAdventures! Hint: Don t put your hands up..."
- inversionz rates it 5 out of 5
"Im going to start off by saying that I dont mind aggressive wooden coasters, which Gwazi certainly is. Unfortunately, the park doesnt duel this anymore, but I asked and they did and it really improv..."
- T-Rex rates it 4 out of 5
"Im not a big fan of wooden coasters, but I must say Gwazi was a very good one. It was pretty fast and VERY long. Some surprisingly good airtime too. Simple but good theming and a large capacity. ..."
- benleibo rates it 4 out of 5
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Gwazi Sign


Gwazi Station

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