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Demon Drop
Website: Cedar Point Homepage
Ride Type: Vertical Tower
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 3.5862
TPC Overall Rank: #270 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 66
Last Review: 6/21/2011 2:13:00 PM
In User Top 10: 14 times.
User Tracker Count: 350 times.

Demon Drop I

Demon Drop II

Demon Drop III

Me On Demon Drop

Demon Drop Sign

Demon Drop
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5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up CedarPointMan on 6/21/2011 2:13:00 PM

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up wierdo135 on 7/3/2008 2:16:00 AM
This ride needs to stay at Cedar Point! These type of rides are dissapearing fast and it needs to stop!

4 Rating
+3 Rating Rate Down Rate Up PhantomNik on 3/14/2008 2:11:00 PM
These 1st Generation freefall towers from Intamin are certainly something to behold when you first see one. They are so archaic in design, yet so genius at the same time. The first time I saw Demon Drop, I was admittedly a little bit intimidated, as it looks so menacing towering over the front of the park. This placement, by the way, couldn’t be more perfect for a ride like this, as it is one of the first things you see upon entering through Cedar Point’s front gates. Not to mention that the name of the ride fits great as well, as this thing looks pretty demonic! Rides like Demon Drop basically focus in on a primal fear of being in an elevator, only to have it malfunction and plummet to earth at an unsafe feeling speed. Power Tower is the smooth, polished thrill tower, controlled by computerized precision and compressed air. Demon Drop, on the other hand, is the primitive, rough around the edges thrill tower that is more minimalist in design. When in line you hear the creaking, clanging, and otherwise loud operation of the ride, and you wonder if the thing will fall to the ground that very instant. I for one think that adds to the ride’s personality, and certainly heightens the nerves and anticipation. The crew is relatively efficient on this ride, doing about as good as they can with it considering that it is no capacity machine. Waits usually aren’t too bad on Demon Drop, somewhere in the 15-30 minute range.

A ride on Demon Drop starts by boarding one of the simple cage-like cars. If you are mildly claustrophobic, I would wager these ride vehicles are a bit unnerving! After things are checked and ready, the slow and steady climb up the tower begins. The cars shimmy and shake a bit as they creak steadily towards the top. On a first ride, you can’t help but notice your pulse quicken a bit. At the top, the car stops and then slowly lurches forward before coming to a stop. What a nice view, right? Yeah, it’s nice, but your brain is filled with the question that every rider in the car with you will also be thinking – aw crap, when are we gonna fall??? And they build up to it pretty well, leaving the car still up there for about an eternity and a half when you’re up there. Loosely translated, from the ground, it’s about 5-10 seconds. Then comes the drop, and it is great, filled with some very good floating sensations the whole way down! The track curves riders onto their backs, and the car is backed up and uprighted back into position. This ending part isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but it’s bearable enough considering the ride itself is otherwise very good. The drop is the highlight of course, but the whole package is put together nicely to deliver a great overall ride experience. It is a shame that it’s up for sale now, but it has done Cedar Point a great service, dishing out the rides and heightening guest’s fears. While it is still there, catch a ride on it before it is too late. You’ll enjoy the ride, and this demon’s clutches feel pretty darn good!

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 12/14/2007 9:10:00 PM
Demon Drop was a fun 1st generation drop tower and the best of them Ive been on. The lift was very speedy on this one and the anticipation of the plunge was great. As for the drop, it was very fast and provided a very good stomach dropping sensation. There was air-time, but it was pretty minimal. At the bottom it was a tad rough, but not enough to ruin my ride.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up detroit_jc on 9/12/2007 11:53:00 PM - User's Top Ride #9
its a shame this ride is for sale. IMO this is more intense than the power tower. quite a great buildup of intense fear. i also love the transiton from vertical to horizontal. no complaints of roughness here. its not called the demon drop for nothin folks! the cedar point skyline would not be the same without it.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up racerdog45 on 7/8/2007 8:41:00 PM - User's Top Ride #10
theres NOTHING else quite like this ride, you have to try it!

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up bt123 on 12/22/2006 6:13:00 PM
this ride was pretty intense. I had no clue that the drop would be as big as it was. overall good/but short ride.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coast0385 on 11/8/2006 10:18:00 PM
well i was working on the crew of demon drop this summer 2006 season so i am bias i guess. but i gave it a 10 because it is intense. the drop is nothing you can feel on any coasters. in fact it was so intense for me i couldnt test ride some mornings. but overall its a good ride. much better than power tower. wish the newer drop rides could have used the aspect of a true "free-fall"

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up papa1958 on 9/11/2006 2:21:00 PM
Its surprising what a good ride this is. Waiting at the top for the drop is a classic. Plus you get a real rush of acceleration when it flattens out at the bottom. Worth seeking out if you come to the park. For a masterful review of a dublicate ride, see Timbermans review of Stuntmans Freefall at SF Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up calla999 on 1/15/2006 8:44:00 PM
I like this ride because it is unique. There were many of them built in the 80s, but there really hasnt been anything to match its intensity since. Though Power Towers drop is much higher, I just dont think it is as drastic as this one. I also think the look of this ride is a little more intimidating that the tower rides. It reminds me of a torture chamber of some sort. The transition from upright to laying down is definately not comfortable, but I think that adds to its intimidation factor. This type of ride is my favorite drop ride.

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