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Carowinds Borg Assimilator User Ranked #3 User ReviewedCarolina Cyclone User ReviewedCarolina Goldrusher User ReviewedDrop Zone Stunt Tower User ReviewedFairly Odd Coaster User ReviewedFlying Super Saturator User ReviewedHurler User ReviewedRicochet User ReviewedRugrats Runaway Reptar User ReviewedSpongeBob SquarePants 3-D User ReviewedThunder Road User ReviewedTop Gun: The Jet Coaster User ReviewedVortex User Reviewed
Cedar Point Antique Cars User ReviewedBlue Streak User ReviewedC.P. & L.E. Railroad User ReviewedCalypso User ReviewedCedar Creek Mine Ride User ReviewedCedar Downs Racing Derby User ReviewedChaos User ReviewedCorkscrew User ReviewedDemon Drop User ReviewedDisaster Transport User ReviewedGemini User ReviewedGiant Wheel User ReviewedIron Dragon User ReviewedMagnum XL-200 User ReviewedMantis User ReviewedMatterhorn User ReviewedmaXair User ReviewedMean Streak User ReviewedMidway Carousel User ReviewedMillennium Force User Ranked #2 User ReviewedMonster User ReviewedOcean Motion User ReviewedPaddlewheel Excursions User ReviewedPower Tower User ReviewedRaptor User Ranked #1 User ReviewedSky Ride User ReviewedSnake River Falls User ReviewedSpace Spiral User ReviewedThunder Canyon User ReviewedTop Thrill Dragster User Ranked #5 User ReviewedTroika User ReviewedWave Swinger User ReviewedWhite Water Landing User ReviewedWicked Twister User ReviewedWildCat User ReviewedWitches Wheel User ReviewedWoodstock Express User Reviewed
Conneaut Lake Park Blue Streak, The User ReviewedCarouselDevils Den User ReviewedFlying ScootersParatrooperRollo-PlaneRound UpTrabant
Disneyland Park Big Thunder Mountain Railroad User ReviewedDisneyland Railroad User ReviewedIts a Small World User ReviewedMatterhorn Bobsleds User ReviewedMr. Toads Wild Ride User ReviewedPeter Pans Flight User ReviewedPirates of the Caribbean User ReviewedSpace Mountain User ReviewedSplash Mountain User ReviewedStar Tours User Reviewed
Geauga Lake Beaver Land Mine Ride User ReviewedBig Dipper User ReviewedDominator User ReviewedDouble Loop User ReviewedHead Spin User ReviewedPepsi PlungeRaging Wolf Bobs User ReviewedSteel VenomTexas TwisterThunderhawkVillain, TheX-Flight
Islands of Adventure Adventures of Spiderman User ReviewedBilge-Rat Barges User ReviewedDoctor Dooms Fearfall User ReviewedFlight of the Hippogriff User ReviewedIncredible Hulk Coaster User Ranked #10 User ReviewedJurrasic Park River Adventure User ReviewedThe Cat In the Hat User ReviewedTriceratops Encounter User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) User Ranked #6 User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue) User Ranked #7 User Reviewed
Kennywood Aero 360Exterminator, TheGold Rusher, TheJack RabbitKangarooNoahs ArkOld Mill, ThePhantoms RevengePippen/ThunderboltPitt FallRacer, TheSwing AroundWhip
Kings Dominion Anaconda User ReviewedAvalanche User ReviewedBerserker User ReviewedBlue Ridge Tollway User ReviewedDiamond FallsDodgem User ReviewedDrop Tower User ReviewedEiffel Tower User ReviewedFlight of Fear User ReviewedGrizzly User ReviewedHurler User ReviewedHypersonic XLC User Ranked #4 User ReviewedRebel Yell User ReviewedRicochet User ReviewedScooby-Doos Ghoster Coaster User ReviewedShockwave User ReviewedVolcano, The Blast Coaster User Ranked #9 User ReviewedWhite Water Canyon User Reviewed
Kings Island Adventure Express User ReviewedDelirium User ReviewedDrop Zone User ReviewedFace/Off User ReviewedFlight of Fear User ReviewedSon of Beast User ReviewedThe Beast User ReviewedThe Racer User ReviewedTomb Raider: The Ride User ReviewedTop Gun User ReviewedVortex User Reviewed
Knotts Berry Farm Bigfoot Rapids User ReviewedCalico Mine Ride User ReviewedWaveSwinger User Reviewed
Michigans Adventure Big DipperCarouselCorkscrewDodgemMad MouseSea DragonShivering TimbersThunderboltTimbertown RailwayWolverine WildcatZachs Zoomer
Nickelodeon Universe Kite Eating Tree User ReviewedPepsi Orange Streak User ReviewedTreetop Tumbler User ReviewedXcel Energy Log Chute User Reviewed
Six Flags Enchanted Village Paratrooper User ReviewedScrambler User ReviewedWild Thing User Reviewed
Universal Studios Florida Back to the Future User ReviewedE.T. Adventure User ReviewedEarthquake - The Big One User ReviewedJaws User ReviewedMen In Black Alien Attack User ReviewedNuthouse Coaster User ReviewedShrek 4-D User ReviewedTerminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time User ReviewedTwister User Reviewed
Waldameer Park CometParatrooperPirates CoveSea DragonSky RideSpiderSteel DragonThunder RiverTilt-A-WhirlWhacky Shack
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