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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Condor Moreys Piers 3.5714 -
2. Flying Falcon Hersheypark 3.6471 -
3. Rodeo Stampede Six Flags Great Adventure 3.6923 -
4. Tommorow Land Transit Authority Magic Kingdom 3.9263 188
5. Canyon River Rapids Hersheypark 3.9149 192
6. Space Ship Earth EPCOT 3.5804 273
7. Troika Cedar Point 3.2000 -
8. Star Tours Disney-MGM Studios 3.4891 302
9. Zipper, The Trimpers Rides & Amusements 3.8750 -
10. C.P. Huntington Train Clementon Amusement Park 4.0000 -

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Clementon Amusement Park Big Cat EncounterC.P. Huntington Train User Ranked #10 User ReviewedCarouselChaosFalling StarFlying Pharoah User ReviewedGiant Ferris Wheel User ReviewedHellcat (Tsunami/J2)Jack RabbitKing Neptunes RevengeKite Flyer User ReviewedSea DragonThunderboltTurtle Whirl User Reviewed
Disney-MGM Studios Backlot TourBeauty and the BeastGreat Movie Ride, TheHoney, I Shrunk the KidsIndiana Jones Stunt SpectacularMuppet Vision 4-DSounds DangerousStar Tours User Ranked #8Voyage of The Little MermaidWho Wants To Be A Millioniare
Dorney Park Antique CarrouselApollo 2000Cedar Creek CannonballChance CarouselDominatorEnterpriseFerris WheelHang TimeHydra the RevengeJokerKrazy KarsLaserMeteorMonsterMusik ExpressRevolutionRoad Rally CarsScramblerSteel ForceTalonThunder CanyonThunder Creek MountainThunderhawkTilt-A-WhirlWave SwingerWhipWhite Water LandingWild MouseZephyr
EPCOT Body WarsCircle of Life, TheEl Rio Del TiempoFood RocksHoney, I Shrunk the AudienceIlluminationsInnoventionsJourney Into ImaginationLiving Seas, TheLiving With the LandMaelstromOCanada!Space Ship Earth User Ranked #6 User ReviewedTest TrackUniverse of Energy
Gillians Wonderland Pier Canyon Falls Log FlumeCity Jet User ReviewedGalleonGiant WheelLoop-O-PlaneMusik ExpressSwingsTilt-A-WhirlTrabantTwister
Hersheypark Canyon River Rapids User Ranked #5 User ReviewedCarousel User ReviewedCoal Cracker User ReviewedComet User ReviewedConestogaDry Gulch Railroad User ReviewedFender Bender User ReviewedFerris Wheel User ReviewedFlying Falcon User Ranked #2 User ReviewedFrontier Flyers User ReviewedGiant WheelGreat Bear User ReviewedHersheys Chocolate World User ReviewedKissing Tower User ReviewedLightning Racer User ReviewedMusic Express User ReviewedRodeo User ReviewedRoller Soaker User ReviewedScrambler User ReviewedSidewinder User ReviewedSkyview User ReviewedSooperdooperlooper User ReviewedTidal Force User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User ReviewedTrailblazer User ReviewedTurnpike - Sunoco Classic Cars User ReviewedTurnpike - Sunoco Speedway User ReviewedWave Swinger User ReviewedWhip User ReviewedWild Cat User ReviewedWild Mouse User Reviewed
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Moreys Piers Break DanceCondor User Ranked #1 User ReviewedDantes Dungeon User ReviewedDoo WopperFlitzer User ReviewedGiant WheelGravitronGreat NorEaster, TheMaelstromRC-48 CoasterSea Dragon User ReviewedSky CyclesSky ShipTea CupsTilt-A-Whirl @ Adventure PierTilt-A-Whirl @ Surfside PierTornadoWaltzerZoom Phloom
Playlands Castaway Cove Crazy MouseDouble ShotFlitzerHigh Seas AdventurePythonTidal WaveTV Playhouse
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