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User Name: Chet
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Millennium Force Cedar Point 4.8327 5
2. Storm Runner Hersheypark 4.3704 78
3. Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.6708 19
4. Phoenix Knoebels 4.8052 8
5. Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.4889 44
6. Lightning Racer Hersheypark 4.4314 61
7. Raptor Cedar Point 4.4873 46
8. Dominator Dorney Park 3.9677 173
9. Batman and Robin: The Chiller Six Flags Great Adventure 4.1059 141
18. Talon Dorney Park 4.4875 45

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