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User Name: Big_E_Biz
Member Since: 7/1/2003 9:27:00 PM
Home Town: White Lake, MI
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point 4.3704 78
2. Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point 4.7805 10
3. Millennium Force Cedar Point 4.8327 5
4. Raptor Cedar Point 4.4873 46
5. Wicked Twister Cedar Point 4.2336 106
6. Dominator Geauga Lake 4.3836 73
7. Mantis Cedar Point 3.7800 223
8. Incredible Hulk Coaster Islands of Adventure 4.5779 29
9. X-Flight Geauga Lake 3.8491 208
10. Triwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) Islands of Adventure 4.3869 72

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Cedar Point Antique CarsBlue StreakC.P. & L.E. RailroadCalypsoCedar Creek Mine RideChaosCorkscrewDisaster TransportGeminiGiant WheelIron DragonJr. GeminiMagnum XL-200 User Ranked #1Mantis User Ranked #7Mean StreakMidway CarouselMillennium Force User Ranked #3Ocean MotionPaddlewheel ExcursionsPower TowerRaptor User Ranked #4SchwabinchenSky RideSnake River FallsThunder CanyonWave SwingerWhite Water LandingWicked Twister User Ranked #5WildCatWitches WheelWoodstock Express
Disney Quest Aladdins Magic Carpet RideInvasion Alien EncounterMighty Ducks Pinball SlamPirates of the CaribbeanVirtual Space Mountain
Geauga Lake AmericanaBeaver Land Mine RideBel Air ExpressBig DipperBoardwalk TyphoonBountyDominator User Ranked #6Grizzly RunHead SpinMission: Bermuda TriangleMr. Hydes Nasty FallPepsi PlungePirates 4*D AdventureRaging Wolf BobsShipwreck FallsSky ScraperThe Pirates FlightThunderhawkTime WarpX-Flight User Ranked #9Yo-Yos
Islands of Adventure Adventures of SpidermanBilge-Rat BargesCaro-Suess-elDoctor Dooms FearfallEight Voyage of SinbadFlight of the HippogriffIncredible Hulk Coaster User Ranked #8Jurrasic Park River AdventureOne fish, two fish, red fish, blue fishPoseidons FuryPteranodon FlyersRipsaw FallsStorm Force AcceletronThe Cat In the HatTriceratops EncounterTriwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) User Ranked #10Triwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue)Xtreme Xventure
Sea-World Florida Journey to AtlantisKrakenSky TowerWild Arctic
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