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User Name: -jeR-
Member Since: 8/27/2001 4:59:00 PM
Home Town: Maple, Ontario
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User Tag: Senior Critic (Total Posts:54)
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Biography: Huh. I just found this thing after something like two or three years of nothingness. Lots of fun, this. Ill be updating stuff if I can. Yeah. I like rollercoasters.
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Ride of Steel Darien Lake 4.5000 40
2. Montu Busch Gardens Tampa 4.6412 25
3. Kumba Busch Gardens Tampa 4.4118 65
4. The Comet The Great Escape 4.5581 32
5. Wild Beast Canadas Wonderland 3.9000 199
5. Vortex Canadas Wonderland 4.0513 150
6. Mighty Canadian Minebuster Canadas Wonderland 3.9412 181
7. Rebel Yell Kings Dominion 3.7377 229
8. Hurler Kings Dominion 3.5273 291
9. Mind Eraser, The Darien Lake 3.1364 394

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Busch Gardens Tampa Kumba User Ranked #3 User ReviewedMontu User Ranked #2 User ReviewedPhoenix User ReviewedPython User ReviewedScorpion User ReviewedSerengeti Express Railway User Reviewed
Canadas Wonderland Cliffhanger User ReviewedDragon Fire User ReviewedDrop Zone Stunt Tower User ReviewedMighty Canadian Minebuster User Ranked #6 User ReviewedSilver Streak User ReviewedSky Rider User ReviewedStan Lees 7th Portal User ReviewedThe Bat User ReviewedThe Fly User ReviewedThunder Run User ReviewedTimberwolf Falls User ReviewedTop Gun User ReviewedVortex User Ranked #5 User ReviewedWhite Water Canyon User ReviewedWild Beast User Ranked #5 User Reviewed
Darien Lake Boomerang User ReviewedMind Eraser, The User Ranked #9 User ReviewedPredator, The User ReviewedRide of Steel User Ranked #1 User ReviewedViper User Reviewed
Kings Dominion Anaconda User ReviewedAvalanche User ReviewedFlight of Fear User ReviewedGrizzly User ReviewedHurler User Ranked #8 User ReviewedRebel Yell User Ranked #7 User ReviewedScooby-Doos Ghoster Coaster User ReviewedShockwave User Reviewed
Marine Land Dragon Mountain User ReviewedSky Hawk User ReviewedTivoli Roller Coaster User Reviewed
The Great Escape Boomerang User ReviewedCondor User ReviewedDesperado Plunge User ReviewedNightmare At Crack Axle Canyon User ReviewedSteamin Demon User ReviewedThe Comet User Ranked #4 User Reviewed
Universal Studios Florida Back to the Future User ReviewedE.T. Adventure User ReviewedEarthquake - The Big One User ReviewedJaws User ReviewedKongfrontation User ReviewedTerminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time User ReviewedTwister User Reviewed
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