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User Name: Yoshirule
Member Since: 6/3/2007 6:38:00 PM
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User Tag: Coaster Critic (Total Posts:15)
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Biography: I am probably one of the younger people on this site, but I still really love coasters so far. I can't go to many amusement parks, and so far have only been to Knott's and Disneyland, but that does not stop me from liking coasters. I like comments on my reviews, so if you could leave some I would appreciate it.
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Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Xcelerator Knotts Berry Farm 4.5714 30
2. Splash Mountain Disneyland Park 4.4783 47
3. GhostRider Knotts Berry Farm 4.6420 24
4. Montezoomas Revenge Knotts Berry Farm 3.9800 168
5. Silver Bullet Knotts Berry Farm 4.1579 -

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