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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
1 Rating Posted by: daptwa on 9/27/2001 3:58:00 PM
Millenium force would be a 10 but Superman ROS is a 10+. There was too much strait track on MF which gives the nod to SROS. The coaster is amazing. It combines speed, drops and airtime like no other coaster on this planet. Thats why it was voted #1 coaster in the World.

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Paul on 9/27/2001 4:04:58 PM said:
damn strait!!
Alfungus on 9/27/2001 5:11:40 PM said:
Enough with the straight track allready.
Paul on 9/27/2001 6:41:19 PM said:
Kazi when you come back from SFNE make sure you write a Superman MF comprarison in your Trip report.
Alfungus on 9/27/2001 7:41:41 PM said:
but it might not be until next may
Paul on 9/27/2001 8:07:19 PM said:
Shortcake on 9/27/2001 11:41:22 PM said:
Would it be possible for us to stop comparing rides? Especially MF with SROS. It would seem to me that they are both great rides (no, I havent been on MF yet). It also appears as if they are very different rides also. MFs main points appear to be speed and height whereas SROSs main point is airtime. All Im trying to say is that to me they seem to be very different rides so that would make it hard to compare them. Based on that I would think that a persons preference between the two would have to be based on what qualities you prefer (speed and height VS airtime). Im just speculating.
DmctNY8 on 9/29/2001 7:45:47 AM said:
I disagree with shortcake the comparing rides is a big reason why this site fun to visit.
Shortcake on 9/29/2001 10:05:53 AM said:
I agree with you AWcool641 but it seems like every ride gets compared to these two. There are some people who will compare a ride to MF or SROS and because they are not as good, give the ride some really low rating. Also, not only have I seen this comparisson too many times but, many of these discussions end up being a war. It always seems to go to the extreme. I have no problem with comparing rides as long as it is in a mature and reasonable manner.
NYCTom on 10/7/2001 3:43:28 PM said:
There was no straight track on MF you people do not know what youare talking about
Conor19 on 10/11/2001 12:59:55 PM said:
I dont think daptwa literally means straight track in his review. I think he means sections of track that arent really doing much to the rider. I know thats how my friends and I use the term "straight track".
daptwa on 10/11/2001 1:20:01 PM said:
youre right. superman has no section of track that is just idle.
Paul on 10/11/2001 3:33:47 PM said:
yes there is, Its right after the overbanked turn.
daptwa on 10/12/2001 10:14:51 AM said:
your right and wrong.That section of the track is actually a down hill slope.
Conor19 on 10/12/2001 12:53:56 PM said:
Actually Coaster RD and daptwa, you both have an excellent point. That is the one piece of straight track on the ride, but its also one of my favorite parts of S:ROS. I love how you come out of the hard banking of the turn then dip down a few feet just before you go shooting over the first camel back. You can hear everyone scream at the dip, then scream again as you fly up that next hill. Once again S:ROS shows off the genius of its designer.
sfnesros on 1/9/2002 2:33:55 PM said:
millenium force has practically no strait track. It does, however, have some "dead track".
embalmer on 8/22/2004 5:23:53 PM said:
By the looks and ratings it does have the best airtime, but you cant take away MFs speed and power. If you havent rode in the front row of MF you havent experienced the airtime it has which probably still isnt as intense as this ride, but its formidable.
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