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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
1 Rating Posted by: hyperman on 8/24/2001 1:59:00 PM
This is the best hyper coaster in the US. (my opinion). Even better than millenium force. I rode both coasters and focused on the layouts and sros has more airtime. MF has a great first drop and nice speed but too much straight track and it doesnt have the bunny hills like most hypers. SROS is the my number 1 coaster

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Paul on 9/10/2001 3:15:44 PM said:
Alfungus on 9/10/2001 6:46:42 PM said:
wait, rd, have u been on MF?
im just curiouse
Paul on 9/10/2001 9:13:58 PM said:
ok I havent you got me, But I will come 2002. But I did study the front seat video of it closely.
Alfungus on 9/11/2001 2:48:29 PM said:
Yeah but its the front seat video. I watched the video too
and well you just cant compare. But at least u study the thing before making comments.
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