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 Review of Kumba @ Busch Gardens Tampa
0 Rating Posted by: XHP90 on 1/25/2013 12:29:00 AM
Most amazing ride ever. This was the coaster that started it all for B and M. It had the most inversions out of any roller coaster when it opened and introduced several all-new inversions. I wish that newer B and M roller coasters had the fantastic PACING of Kumba. This ride's top speed is 60mph, and it honestly seems like its going that fast until the final brake run. People aren't as ecstatic about this ride like I am because when a train runs that fast through elements such as cobra rolls, interlocking corkscrews, and helices...there's going to be headbanging. And there is a fair amount of it towards the end of Kumba. However, being above average height and knowing the layout of the coaster minimizes the pain for me.

Highlights of Kumba include a gigantic vertical loop that wraps around the lift hill, the cobra roll which wraps around a park path, an unexpected tunnel, a mid-course brake run that I'm pretty sure is broken (the trains hardly slow down on it), and the distinct loud roar that trains make while they traverse the track. I can't think of any cons besides the headbanging for those under six feet tall. Be sure to ride this piece of history that is still a major contender two decades later.
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