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 Review of Bizzaro @ Six Flags New England
1 Rating Posted by: Nlfreakk on 3/27/2009 12:33:00 PM
17 rides! 15 minutes wait Thanks to the rain!

Superman: Ride of Steel really has all the ingredients for a ''number 1 coaster in the world'' recipe. Amazing airtime, lots of speed, a rather smooth ride, a refreshing layout, a tall first drop, mist tunnels, a strong superman feel and wonderful landscaping. If you're going to Springfield expecting to experience the above, you aren't likely to be disappointed: this beast of a coaster has it all. Each time we hit the final brakes and our train came to an immediate, sudden halt, I felt my heart pounding and adrenalin flowing through my body. The thrill level is overwhelming. Oh and it leaves your hair wet because of that awesome mist tunnel!

Though why 4/ 5 and not a perfect score? Because in some areas, SROS was disappointing, and even overrated. What's with all those perfect scores attached to 100% optimistic reviews? Because SROS' execution is flawed, that's for sure.

First, there are the trains. They aren't necessarily uncomfortable and they do feature the effective stadium seating layout, but also have ''half metal rings'' attached to the harness itself. These rings actually wrap around your tibias, preventing your legs from moving at all. Then the seat belts are quite painful when you're ejected from your seat on the numerous ejector airtime hills, and you might feel overall a little stuck, especially if you're tall. A refurbishment is coming, but I don't think it'll change much instead of just making them look less scratched.
The following lift has amazing views over the Connecticut river, especially at night, when all you see to your left is the golden glow of lit-up Springfield reflecting on the water lost in the landscape mildly and beauthifully withened by moonlight.
Next is the first drop, my favorite moment in this ride. It is steep, filled with negative g's from the back seats and hang time from the front, and taken into an extremely exciting mist tunnel. The only things that keep it from being perfect are the big flat piece of segment on the way down, and the rather mild g's at the bottom. It is definitely noticeable, though it doesn't really spoil the whole thing.
The following airtime hill was pretty good, but it could have been steeper, and a tad stronger, just like the turnaround and the long straight section into the second airtime hill. This overbanked turn really misses the g's and laterals. It could've been a whole lot better. And the straight segment that follows is weak as well.
The next airtime hill though is much stronger, and the other one right after is ever more, accompanied by claustrophobic g-forces at the bottom of it.
Then the train rises up into a weak banked hill that's taken right into the first helix. This hill is rather useless and really takes a long time before it dives into the fun part of the helix. This fun part is the strongest g-forces of the ride. It's a really stimulating part, and it is surprising how quickly and suddenly it turns into a powerful and surprising hill that serves as the perfect transition between the two helixes. The second one also takes quite some time before it gets interesting, but once it does, the g-forces are really strong (and significantly longer on this particular helix). Another similarity is how it ends: with no warning, it pulls you out of your seat over another airtime hill. And this one is just as strong, but better since it's taken right into a wonderfully refreshing and quite long mist tunnel well integrated under the walkway. Everyone really seems to enjoy seeing the people's expressions when they dive into it after having been ejected out of their seats so suddenly. What's next? Two other ejector airtime hills that are still taken fast, and also still pack a real, heck, a real punch that you wouldn't expect from a ride's finale. And it's not over yet: you're still threated to an immensely sharp right-handed turn, into the smooth magnetic brakes.

SROS is a 4. Its execution, again, is flawed because of the trains that sort of leave to be desired, the weaker parts of the ride that make the whole ride slightly fade after a few rides, but also the fact that if you're looking for a smooth experience, you're going to be let down: SROS seems to have aged poorly, even though it can't be called rough by any means (make this clear). But still, if youre looking for something that is gonna get your blood pumping, SROS' superb airtime and refreshing twisted finale will furfill your needs.

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Canobie Coaster on 4/23/2009 9:49:51 AM said:
Great review. I too wasn't the fondest of the original trains, but the new trains look to be a major improvement.

Aged poorly? I unfortunately never got to ride Superman (er...Bizarro) until two years ago, but it doesn't seem to be rough or declining in ride quality, but if it did, then I can't imagine what the ride must have been like when it opened.
bumprnugit on 4/25/2009 2:46:42 AM said:
The "half metal ring" tibia braces were add-ons after an unfortunate accident several years ago. Depending on one's build, these were quite constricting but to me not more uncomfortable than the T-bar. Both will be gone with the new trains this year. The lapbar and seat belts look identical to what is on El Toro, but it is hard to tell if the triangular crotch-wedge will be incorporated in the molded seat. I think the new trains will be more comfortable and accomodating than the original ones, although the speaker/headrests look enormous. As far as aging, is it wear- and-tear on the trains, or does one simply notice imperfections over the years with each successive ride? I myself am anxious to see what the rethemeing will do to this ride, especially the new trains. I loved S:RoS as it was, but who knows, maybe I will love it even more (possibly with some concessions.)
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