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 Review of The Cat In the Hat @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 2/16/2009 8:10:00 PM
Dr. Seuss will forever be remembered for his classic, the Cat in the Hat. I mean honestly, who hasn’t read that imaginative book as a kid? Since its release, it has been read by many, transformed into a movie (and a pretty funny one too) and Universal even adapted it into a full-fledged theme park attraction. Well how does it live up to the book’s lofty reputation. Quite well, quite well.

Anchoring Seuss Landing, one can’t help but direct their eyes towards the iconic red and white striped hat that dominates the land. Despite its popularity and the massive size of its queue, it was fortunately a walk-on when I visited this past summer so I got a few rides back to back. After moving through the colorful queue, I reached the deserted station where I boarded one of the ride’s many cartoonish couches. And I applaud the team working this ride as despite the nonexistent crowds, they didn’t waste any time.

For anyone who by some chance never read the book, two kids are left home alone bored out of their minds until a cat in a hat (duh) arrives to inject fun in their lives leading to mayhem upon mayhem ensuing in their usually orderly house. All of the scenes were very well executed in my opinion and the audio was flawless and perfectly synched up with the attraction. The whole story is incredibly easy to follow and it was very entertaining from beginning to end; however, I wasn’t too fond though on the stylistic presentation of the scenes since it lead to a lot of empty space during the attraction that just ruined my experience somewhat. This however was made up for by the ride’s unique feature- the spinning vehicles. And boy did that catch me off-guard. Not only was it unexpected, but the spinning even had some Gs! Not only is the attraction a good time, but it’s also quite lengthy.

Cat in the Hat is definitely a worthy adaptation of the book and unlike the movie, it stays true to the plot. One shouldn’t even consider skipping this unique dark ride while at the park since it really is a fresh and different dark ride that is executed quite well with the only real flaw was the aforementioned “empty space” present at many points of the attraction. Nonetheless, Dr. Seuss’ beloved Cat shines in this one-of-a-kind dark ride as one of the park’s better attractions.
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