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 Review of Sea Dragon @ Dorney Park
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 6/25/2008 6:44:00 PM
Sea Dragon at Dorney Park is a great swinging ship ride that is loads of fun. The ship looks really good, and is complete with glowing eyes on the ends at night, which to me is a fantastic touch. They load this up nice and quick, as is usually the case with ship rides. The ride itself is very good, as it swings quickly and provides some solid sensations. My only slight complaint is that I wish this one went a little bit higher, as I've seen on other models. Also, with its placement on a hill, it should be noted that Sea Dragon treats riders to some very nice views during the cycle. These things are always a blast for me to ride, so I would definitely recommend this flat ride to future visitors of Dorney Park.

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bumprnugit on 6/26/2008 10:42:06 PM said:
Chance Mfg. Sea Dragons IMO are far superior to the Huss Pirates. I haven't been on a Sea Dragon since SFNE, when it was still Riverside, got rid of theirs around 10 years ago. On my many ETOH filled Friday-nite excursions to the park, one half of the boat would yell "Tastes Great" at the top of the swing, and the other half reply "Less Filling!" We could occasionally mix it up with the crowd with hollers such as "Lifes a bitch...and then you die!" (or "then you marry one".) Those were heady days indeed. But I digress...if you can catch a ride in the back with very few riders, it really cranks-up nicely. It's sad that they seem so hard to find these days...I will be at Dorney on 7/7 and will make it a point to hit this one up.
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