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 Review of Swiss Family Treehouse @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/27/2005 11:37:00 AM
Really I hate to bash attractions, but simply put, the Swiss Family Treehouse is abysmal! One thing I can’t knock the attraction on though is it’s appearance, as the lush, sprawling tree structure just fits flawlessly in with Adventureland’s jungle-like atmosphere. Also, this never has a line, but there is an obvious reason for that, and that is why this ride suffers greatly.

Now the Magic Kingdom is a gigantic park when compared to any park for sure. For anyone who has been there, they know how much pain your feet are in after a long day of fun. That being said, this leads me to this attraction’s major flaw- the attraction just consists of a long staircase around the tree. Already exhausted from walking around the park, walking up who knows how many flights of stairs is like army boot camp. Well, it probably wouldn’t be all that bad if they was much to look at, but really there is almost nothing to look at other than a few scattered bits of theming.

Just I really find no pleasure at all in this attraction and it is probably one of my least favorite, if not my least favorite, attractions in all of Disney. The effort required to navigate the many flights of stairs combined with the lackluster scenes the ride has to offer, makes this an attraction I almost always skip while at Disney. Heck, even if this thing had escalators instead of staircases, it would still be horrible since quite frankly, it’s just not all that enjoyable. I’d strongly recommend that you spend your time and energy elsewhere at the Magic Kingdom.
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