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 Review of Space Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/27/2005 9:26:00 AM
I remember as a 5-year-old staring at Space Mountain’s iconic white superstructure paralyzed with fear of Space Mountain being egged on by others with positive comments such as “You’ll like it” and “It’s the best ride here.” Thankfully after much encouragement I eventually gave Space Mountain a shot and boy I’m glad I did since Space Mountain is a rip-roaring journey through outer space that’s a delight from start to finish.

First and foremost, the ride flawlessly fits into Tomorrowland with its futuristic enclosure dominating the land. There is just something so powerful about that structure. Anyway, being one of the park’s most popular attractions Space Mountain generally draws large crowds, leading to generally long lines. But don’t fret since the lines move incredibly fast thanks to two, separate tracks. Also, if a wait is incredibly unbearable, just utilize Fastpass. Once in line, the interior also captures the futuristic tone of the ride with perfectly executed neon lighting and space music.

Also, I just love the rocket-themed trains. The lapbars are very comfortable and non-constrictive and I love the roominess of the cars thanks to the unique inline seating. Personally I like the back best, but all seats give great rides so it doesn’t really matter which seat you’re assigned. One dispatched, the rockets fly through the iconic launch tunnel and then proceed up the lift.

Now let me state that Space Mountain’s special effects are incredibly outdated due to the ride’s age. Certainly that issue will be resolved by the attractions lengthy rehab this year and make an already incredible ride experience that much better. And how great is that ride experience? In almost total darkness, Space Mountain treats riders to a rapid-fire array of twists, helixes, and sudden drops that all give great sensations and forces, highlighted by 3 or 4 steep and sudden drops that give great air in the back seats. No matter how many times I ride Space Mountain, the entire ride is a surprise due to the darkness element that the ride perfectly executes. Not only is the ride a rush every time, but also it’s a very long ride as well and well worth a lengthy wait.

Of all the coasters at Disney, Space Mountain is my favorite simply because its by far the most thrilling and exciting of all them. I like the Omega side better than Alpha just slightly, but really there is almost no difference at all between them. Space Mountain is an iconic attraction that one shouldn’t even consider missing while at the Magic Kingdom since despite its age, this classic delivers a thrilling ride from start to end that few coasters can match.
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