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 Review of Shrek 4-D @ Universal Studios Florida
1 Rating Posted by: Lloyddy on 2/25/2004 5:48:00 AM
Universal may have the best 3D movie in Orlando in the shape of T2:3D, but it also has the worst in the shape of Shrek. A tedious preshow doesnt help things. Whats most annoying about the preshow is not that its unfunny and is basically the audience watching a box shake, but the fact that it sets up a plot that never materialises in the main show. (Were supposed to be tortue victims)

Then again judging by the quality of the film maybe we ARE tortue victims.

The movie itself looks and sounds great, but its just not funny or engaging. The 3D tricks are cheaper than usual, the 4D tricks are mainly just blowing some air on the audience. The bouncing seats are fun at first but get irritating after a while. Very disappointing.

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ametz on 4/8/2004 2:54:06 AM said:
Have you even seen the original movie? If you havent, you should try to tone down the "65-year old guy" attitude and be a kid again!!If you have seen the movie, then you must be crazy or something because they continued the story beautifully and integrated all of the funniest characters (Ginger Bread Man, Three Blind Mice, The former kings goofy executioner). Seriously, T2:3D is old, lame, badly acted, preshow is dated, and it uses all of the old tricks (air at the feet, water, and 3-D)....WOW, thats it!! Thats why Shrek is 4-D (Air, Water, Vibration, Smell, 3-D, and COMEDY)
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