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 Review of Splash Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
1 Rating Posted by: POTC13 on 12/8/2003 8:39:00 PM
Most likely the best log flume ride in the United States. The Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom in WDW is way better than its sibling in California. First, it has two seats per row instead of single seat per row. The last drop may seem like the best part of the ride, but really the double drop is better. If you are a true Disney fan than the music wont bother you. The themeing is great, and Splash Mountain is probably the best ride in Frontierland.

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tacoking on 12/9/2003 8:51:45 AM said:
BTMR puts up a good fight for that title.
disneyman on 2/12/2004 8:01:12 PM said:
Actually, I like both of the Splash Mountains the same. The one at Disneyland has a bigger drop, but the one at MK has much better theming.
MovieCoast on 2/13/2004 10:58:25 AM said:
Awesome review!!!
disneyman on 2/13/2004 6:41:53 PM said:
Swimace on 2/14/2004 6:10:28 PM said:
Duldley may be able to contend for that title. (best flume ride)
Danny on 2/15/2004 8:39:21 AM said:
Title of best ride in Frontierland? Oh, I see it now. I like Ripsaw Falls about the same (if not a little more) than I like Splash Mountain.
Knoebels on 2/15/2004 2:56:01 PM said:
Actually, I think BTMR is too tame to be the best in Frontierland. I would go with SM.
Swimace on 2/15/2004 3:22:34 PM said:
Yeah, Splash mountain is 10 times better than BTMR IMO
Knoebels on 2/15/2004 3:26:11 PM said:
And about Ripsaw Falls. Thats not in Frontierland, or even Walt Disney World. Its in IOA.
MovieCoast on 2/16/2004 8:33:22 AM said:
YEAH! Lol. Splash Mountain is definitely the best Frontierland has to offer.
Swimace on 2/16/2004 1:11:58 PM said:
I was talking about Dudley being the best log flume in the United States assole. I live in Florida, Im not stupid.
Knoebels on 2/16/2004 7:46:06 PM said:
Ok ok, no need to use harsh language. You just said "Duldley may be able to contend for that title", and i thought you meant in Frontierland
Swimace on 2/16/2004 8:18:22 PM said:
Sorry, I was in a bad mood when I wrote that
disneyman on 2/18/2004 1:30:13 PM said:
Youre right, MovieCoast, but BTMR is pretty good, too.
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