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 Review of Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa
-4 Rating Posted by: Kangle726 on 4/12/2003 3:07:00 PM
How is this ride getting such a high Review? This did a pretty bad bang up job on my skull, almost as bad as the Mind Eraser (Which earned its name) at Six Flags New England. Nothing special about this one.

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Lin48 on 4/16/2003 11:54:31 AM said:
I agree with your Mind Eraser synopsis, but Ive never really been jostled on this ride.
tacoking on 5/28/2003 2:03:53 PM said:
gov is right (never in a million years did i think id say that). this ride is one of the smoothest ive been on.
BobFunland on 7/31/2003 2:55:58 PM said:
Ive ridden both Montu and a Mind Eraser clone, and theres no comparison: Montu is taller, faster, better themed and packed with better inversions. Also, it was incredibly smooth... now, Python can bang some skulls!
cman 03 on 8/2/2003 10:56:41 AM said:
montu does not bang your skull
embalmer on 7/5/2004 11:45:47 PM said:
I would almost think that every individual who boards a ride may not experience the identical impact and feeling of the ride and even though a ride follows the same track each time there could be a chance of someones experience differing. How many people hold on tight, or have the same strenght as others to endure the ride. There cant be identical weight on the trains each ride so give n take. just ride it and go on.
JonA35 on 1/11/2005 8:26:19 AM said:
This ride is EXTREMELY smooth!
Kangle726 on 3/28/2005 1:38:55 PM said:
My experience was clearly different than all yours. And thank you embalmer.
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