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 Review of Splash Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: m311ton on 8/12/2002 11:54:00 PM
At such a steep angle the big drop is pretty intimidating along with the huge briars at the bottom, but other than that I didnt like the ride. The little drops did a good job of leading up to the big one but the theming was annoying. Even though it was detailed and creative it was too much and too long.

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gravee on 9/24/2002 9:48:40 PM said:
i dont know what this guy is looking for,It is my opinion,disney at its best,i think he really liked it,just aint man enough to admit it.everyone does need a laughing place,this is mine.
mrceagle on 1/19/2003 7:20:42 PM said:
Im wondering what you are looking for? if its high thrills disney isnt the place to go. if its a family place were everyone can ride and experiance the ride together They disney is the best place.
m311ton on 1/19/2003 7:25:36 PM said:
Im not looking for anything. This is how I felt about the ride. Quit suspecting that people are comparing things to hyper coasters and other large rides of sort.
mrceagle on 1/19/2003 7:31:21 PM said:
Okay, better question. What mad the theming annoying?
SFGA_fan on 1/20/2003 5:24:20 PM said:
Mrceagle im not going to respect anything you say when you type like my dog. What makes the theming annoying? Hmm lets think about this. Didnt they play a song through out the entire ride? That wasnt annoying at all now was it. And didnt the animals screech through the entire ride? Other than that those obnoxious sounds it wasnt bad.
mrceagle on 1/20/2003 6:46:02 PM said:
No the song "zipity do da" is only at the end. and the animals dont screach. exacly what ride are you talking about.
DemonRules on 1/20/2003 10:09:47 PM said:
all right, lets lay off the spelling errors, but other than that, all im gonna say is that there are other rides, EVEN at disney, that can provide more thrills, and happiness, and whatever else the whole family may enjoy. i dont think, and i dont think these other guys think, that this ride is terrible, i just dont think we understand why you think this ride deserves a 9 or 10, instead a 6 or 7, its good, but a 9-10 means its one of the best rides out there, and i dont feel it is
mrceagle on 1/20/2003 11:56:02 PM said:
But are you comparing it to every ride or flums. see I rate on the ride catigory. flum Vs flum, dark ride Vs dark ride. so as a flum this is one of the best. and I wasnt questioning the rating. I was questioning the comment "the theming was annoying!"
DemonRules on 1/21/2003 8:26:27 AM said:
yes, i was doing this simply flume vs flume, and again, i just dont think its the best...ever been on dudley do rights @ IOA?
mrceagle on 1/21/2003 7:56:50 PM said:
No, but I know the company that made is well.
DemonRules on 1/22/2003 8:30:37 AM said:
another great flume is jurassic park, also at IOA. this is another ride i would rate higher....you get wetter, and the theming is much better.
mrceagle on 1/22/2003 12:34:52 PM said:
Acualy JP is a shoot-the-chute, not a log flum. what Im geting I the soperiority of the animatronics used is important to you. Is that about right?
DemonRules on 1/22/2003 6:11:44 PM said:
well, didnt know it was a different type, but anyways, yes, i think that the updated animatronics do make a huge difference, but still, its all about the ride. you get really wet on JP, and it actually scares you a little, instead of lightens your heart. i can respect splash mtn. as a family ride, but JP can be one too, and delivers a better punch.
condorman on 1/22/2003 7:00:07 PM said:
i dunno about any of you, but, lol, the fox "pushing" the bear into the bush at the very end made me chuckle, so this ride isnt all bad, i think m311ton knows what im talking about. (they also need to clean this ride alot more)
SFGA_fan on 1/22/2003 10:35:18 PM said:
Cmon here. This ride would give my grandma a brain anuerism. The bright colors and the loud animals would thrill my little sister though. The drop is good, but half the time I came off the ride the wettest part of my body was my butt.
mrceagle on 1/22/2003 11:31:44 PM said:
They can easaly drop the splash area on the ride to make a better slash. but they cant get a hug splash like of a shoot-the-chut, you may get a litle more misted but you would never come of wet.
B&M Fan on 1/23/2003 3:08:49 PM said:
I think this is the second best log flume ive been next to dudley do rights. This flume has a great dark drop in the middle of the ride that actually gives some good airtime. But this ride is overall a 6-8 because its a long ride with only two or three good drops.
mrceagle on 1/23/2003 11:52:08 PM said:
what makes you like Dudly more?
B&M Fan on 1/24/2003 7:16:09 AM said:
The last drop on dudley gives the best airtime on a log flume. To me airtime is the best part of the any ride.
DemonRules on 1/24/2003 8:22:43 AM said:
air time reigns in flume rides, plus the theming is something that all ages will enjoy. not just little kids
mrceagle on 1/24/2003 4:21:21 PM said:
So the story is better known. and the hop on the hill. is the hill biger then the one on splash mountan?
DemonRules on 1/25/2003 12:48:46 AM said:
of course not, but the fact that you get air time, and also very wet, at least for me, makes it a better ride. personal opinion
mrceagle on 1/25/2003 1:37:06 AM said:
Then what they need to do is put a flum wit a drop like that into the Cannada pavilian. god knows that show they have is pointless.
DemonRules on 1/25/2003 3:52:50 PM said:
it is a horrible waste of space, a flume would be ideal
mrceagle on 1/25/2003 10:07:58 PM said:
Sp we found one this every one can agree with. More rides for EPCOT, and a Flum for Canada.
SFGA_fan on 1/25/2003 10:51:23 PM said:
I can agree with that statement fully.
DemonRules on 1/26/2003 2:56:07 PM said:
as do i, EPCOT needs a serious makeover, because it has some REALLY old rides, and they really could use a few new ones, (other than test track)
mrceagle on 1/26/2003 7:33:22 PM said:
Thing is they need to go simple proven rides that they can make spectaculare. they cant be adding more things like Test track and Mission space. that gose years over planed opining date. easy things to do would be a flum for Canada, Materhorn like coaster for Jopan, A grand Carusel for the American aventure, posibly a town fair featuring may carnival type rides.
move the fallowing attraction to the park: its a small world, place it at the foot of the world showcase, Carusel of progress, move this to Inavations.
DemonRules on 1/27/2003 8:33:59 AM said:
just do something to change it. its a dying park, and probably the least visited of the disney parks. it is much more for the older adult than it is for the younger, and maybe thats why they havent put any type of huge ride or attraction in for a while.(except test track)
mrceagle on 1/27/2003 10:24:30 PM said:
They are adding Millions to EPCOT, a new china 360, along with space. but they cant stop their. how about a soren ride for france. they have a beutifal cuntry side. I would like to see a that. Ill post more later.
DemonRules on 1/28/2003 8:21:42 AM said:
yes, they have improved, but how about some good rides?
mrceagle on 1/28/2003 10:49:56 PM said:
What to yo is a good ride. also if they ad that ride where and how would it be themed.
B&M Fan on 1/31/2003 7:57:57 PM said:
You know what disney should really do. Let B&M make them a coaster instead of WED doing it because they make a lot of crappy rides. Especially coasters. I f B&M built a ride for them it would be so amazing because more people would start liking disney. I was thinking that a Giga-coaster would be nice.
DemonRules on 2/1/2003 9:16:16 AM said:
but that might look a little out of place in Epcot. i was thinking more along the lines of a small compact coaster. one that doesnt take up too much space, yet has all the aspects of a giga-coaster. inversions, twists, big drops, just maybe like a flyer, or something that can be fit into a smaller area and doesnt look too out of place
B&M Fan on 2/1/2003 1:12:15 PM said:
Thats a very good point but I was thinking if they put it somewhere in the back of the park, because Ive been behind epcot and theres plent of space, they could just make something that people would really want to go there for. Or I was thinking something like a looping hyper coaster.
DemonRules on 2/2/2003 12:23:24 PM said:
thats a possibility, i know what you are talking about, they have alot of room in the back of the park to build, and it wouldnt be like sticking out in the middle of the park or anything. kinda like deuling dragons at IOA. theyre in the back, and can only be seen if you go back there. theyre big, but dont seem awkward or anything.
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