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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 2.8182
TPC Overall Rank: Rides need more than 25 reviews to be ranked.
Reviews: 14
Last Review: 8/7/2012 5:57:00 PM
In User Top 10: 9 times.
User Tracker Count: 25 times.

le cobra a la ronde
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5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Zooty on 8/7/2012 5:57:00 PM - User's Top Ride #2
Not a very good stand-up compared to good American B/M Green Lantern, Riddler Revanche... But It's my only stand-up, and I really like it. I like the big loop 360 dregree. It's really shaking but me I Like that, some people hate but not me. I Always enjoy this ride. Fun drops, nice loop and one air time, an excellent shaking stand-up !

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Nlfreakk on 4/7/2009 9:45:00 PM
If this ride didn't have the downright awful-smack-in-your-face-absymally-slow ride operations and single train operations, it would be a 4, definitely.

It's a pain waiting to get on board, because at first, there is no way you can see how slow the line will move and how long it is gonna be, and then, it effectively moves extremely slow, and the line you're waiting in is extremely depressing, old and beat-up. It's just not a lot of fun to be standing there in this ugly concrete path full of trash for 2 HOURS AND A HALF.

The trains are strange as hell. They work so oddly it's actually displeasant to board them.
The lift hill is slow, dirty, noisy and the views it provides are simply awful. You feel stuck between the track and its uncombrant catwalks and the giant bridge right behind you.

The following first drop though really makes that painful climb worth it, since it feels pretty exciting when taken from such a position and it feels alot like falling down to Earth. Very exciting. The following loop is nothing amazing, but it is still tons of fun, just like the helix that follows. It turns very sharply and steeply, and it's taken at high speeds into a bunny hill that gives a cool airtime moment. A sharp turn up into the brakes follows and the drop right after is sudden and gets you out of your seat a little. Really good surprise element. I also like the twisty S-curve that follows. The changes of direction are a lot of fun.

All of this was just great and almost made up for half of the painful wait! This is amazing! No but seriously, all those parts of the ride are really underrated and a lot more fun than most people say. Too bad the rest is so bland. There's a 540 degree helix crossing in the loop that delivers no thrill until its ending that starts to bank right more and more (cool effect) but the thrill unfortunately lasts one second. The next 8 seconds however are really lame. They aren't there to thrill you, they're there to bring the train back to the station only.

Well, the standup itself is a 4. It is a lot of fun for the most part and smooth throughout (btw I never got any headbanging), but this never makes up for the 'sad' ending, the line that can possibly take you 2hrs 1/2, the disappointing landscaping and those odd trains.

This park really should get better staff for operating those rides.

-- So, one piece of advice if you're intrigued by Cobra and want to ride it bad: Check out the line from the walkway. If you can see the start of it, TURN AROUND: it indicates the presence of a 2 - 2 1/2 hours wait. If you don't see the edge of the line, come in to see where it starts. If it starts MAXIMUM right beside the end of the ending brakes and the point where the station begins, it's worth it. Though if it is any longer, turn around and leave the line: it wouldn't be worth it.

Have a nice day

2 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 12/23/2007 1:42:00 PM
Not as good as B&M stand-ups and not a good coaster either in its own right. Loading was slow on this one, but it had a good and speedy first drop followed by a strong vertical loop. Then came some rough turns followed by a MCBR. Finally there were some very slow turns, but they were smooth nonetheless.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up weaver23 on 7/23/2007 7:30:00 PM
A good solid stand up IMO. The first drop was quite satisfying and the loop was good. After that the ride had many hills, twists turns and bumps which were extremely fun. Much better than Togo stand ups which rattle your head around. I didnt bang my head on this at all.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up sowinski on 9/7/2006 11:27:00 PM
I have been on better and worse stand ups. I went on 1 ride in the front row and it was still surprisingly rough. It is the epitome of an average ride.

3 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up swweeeet on 8/31/2006 11:00:00 AM
I was disappointed by a number of things on this stand-up steel coaster: First, it is lacking in personality and scenery, as it is basically just the steel track, sitting in an empty corner of the park. Next, I was surprised by the roughness of the ride. It wasnt too bad, however after initially getting my head rattled around against the head restraints, I spent the last half of the ride trying to keep my head straight. This was fairly easy to do of course, and this brings me to my last complaint, that the last half of the ride is really quite slow and boring. After the intitial drop and first loop (which was the only thing I did like by the way) the track mostly just sways and circles slowly. If it wasnt for the novelty of standing up, this one would have nothing going for it at all.

2 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up larrygator on 9/27/2004 11:55:00 PM
stand-up that is slow boring and uninventive. So slow I thought it was going to stop during the helix

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up krussel on 9/1/2003 3:55:00 PM - User's Top Ride #4
Its just OK. I would not wait for it. Save you lineup time for Le Vampire or Le Monstre instead.

2 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up N.M.R on 5/18/2002 12:55:00 AM
What kind of ride is this... so slow, i wouldnt be surprised if it would stop at the top of the small hill near the end, it keeps you up their for like 5 seconds... horrible ride, i would say replace it by some kind of other standup coaster.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up mib0079 on 5/10/2002 8:06:00 PM
The ascension and the first drop is the best...
After that, you need a very strong neck if you dont want to lose your head! No smooth at all!
Pretty rough!

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