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Roller Coaster
Website: Joyland Amusement Park Homepage
Ride Type: Wooden Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.0000
TPC Overall Rank: Rides need more than 25 reviews to be ranked.
Reviews: 3
Last Review: 12/21/2007 11:25:00 AM
In User Top 10: 1 times.
User Tracker Count: 9 times.

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4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 12/21/2007 11:25:00 AM
While this old wooden coaster doesnt look the best, it still gives one heck of a ride. The classic trains look great and I love that first drop, as it was steep and had great air, along with a great headchopper thanks to a tree. Afterwards came quite a few bunny hills over its L-shaped course that gave good air as well, especially the first few after the first drop and the return leg.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up ih10 on 5/9/2007 9:49:00 PM
Its pretty nice. Its diffrent from other coasters because its so old. Ive only rode it once but, i will never forget it.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up calla999 on 1/19/2006 3:25:00 PM
This was my first coaster and I strangely am proud to say that. It took all of my power to not give it a 10, but I must keep my standards. This is about as old of a ride as it gets. This thing is more scary due to the fear of if falling down than anything else. This ride is a classic out and back. Despite being 50+ years old it packs the wallop of a newborn. Though Joyland is in financial peril currently, there is recent news that it will be open for Spring 06. If for some odd reason you find yourself in Wichita, KS, visit this cute little park and have a couple of quick go arounds on this coaster classic.

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