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 Review of Mind Bender, The @ Six Flags Over Georgia
2 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 8/19/2001 9:38:00 PM
Just to let you know, this is the first review that I am redoing. I have matured as a reviewed over time, and I am going to go back and spruce them up a bit. What better of a ride to start off with than my first coaster, Anton Scwarzkopfs looping masterpiece, Mind Bender. This steel classic is the worlds first triple-looper, and dont let anybody tell you otherwise. Tucked in between monsterous pines and oaks, this Green Machine (formerly brown, pre-Gotham City) provides a great location for a fantastic, still smooth layout. The first drop is something to remember, to begin with, the coaster barely clears the lift, then it banks to the right and then down you go at 50mph into the first vertical loop, Scwarzkopfs specialty inversions that are among the most intense elements around. You then fly back up into the trees, and you come back out into another clearing, and you enter the world-famous third loop, a horizontal nightmare that pushes the rider to the brink of unconsiousness with more than 4Gs. Once you reach the top of the loop again, you dive down into the aforementioned clearing, and up into the trees again, where stretched riders can grab the branches of the trees on the turn-around. Back down you go, over a small pond into the second of the perfect loops, intense and even better with lap bars -- Anton designed em so you didnt need headbang-inducing OTSRs. As you exit the loop, you are thrust into a brief tunnel, then you turn back towards the station after 2:33 of pure exhilaration, which is now thrilling its second generation of parkgoers. This one may not statistically compare with the Mega Loopers of B&M nowadays, but it will always have a special place in my heart, not only was it my first coaster, but it continues to hover in my Top 10, a ride that will surely be difficult to part with.
In the end, I will stick with my original rating of a 9, for it is truly worthy of such a score, and if you arent pleased at first, one bit of advice: ride it at night.Update #2: Mindbender has been the only coaster to be in my top 10 since joining the site, so I think its worth of a 10.

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larrygator on 11/7/2004 11:56:51 AM said:
good job
mrceagle on 11/7/2004 4:03:11 PM said:
I agree, hope to read more of your updates.
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