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 Review of Incredible Hulk Coaster @ Islands of Adventure
-2 Rating Posted by: XtremeFan8 on 8/6/2001 8:41:00 PM
the blast off is unbelieveable and the layout is a typical B&M- all their layouts are amazing

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ThmPrkCrtc on 8/8/2001 7:27:41 PM said:
I didnt think much of Raptor myself, lots of headbanging and nothing really great pacing wise. I in the minority but I thought most of the Florida B&Ms inverts were much better.
IOA_Maniac on 8/8/2001 8:07:08 PM said:
yeah flordia has probaly the best asortmen of B&M inverted
ioaddict33 on 8/8/2001 11:55:36 PM said:
Mark, finally I have found someone with similiar Raptor opinions!
XtremeFan8 on 8/8/2001 11:57:07 PM said:
y are u guys talking bout the raptor! this is the hulk thing! and anyway guess what- ur wrong! raptor is the best inverted! and u never bang your head! i have been on it enough to know that! also ioa the only park that has a B&M inverted that u have been 2 is IOA which means u have only rode 2 inverteds there! i have rode more than u so i know what i am talking about!
ioaddict33 on 8/9/2001 12:06:28 AM said:
You (Xtremefan) mentioned all B&M layouts are amazing. Mark said he didnt agree, and thought Raptor wasnt too great. I agreed with him. Calm down buddy. And for the record, an opinion cant be wrong. My opinion is that Raptor is uninteresting, forceless and somewhat rough (for a B&M, at least.) Thats my opinion, it cannot be wrong. And lets see...What B&M inverted coasters have I ridden? Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon. Oh, sorry, forgot some. Montu, SFoG Batman, SFGAm Batman, and Raptor. Then there are the Vekoma inverteds I have ridden being T2 and Hangman. Raptor is probably my least favorite B&M inverted, my favorite being Fire Dragon followed by Montu, SFGAm Batman, SFoG Batman and Ice Dragon.
xDisney on 8/19/2001 11:48:13 AM said:
Top Gun at Paramount Carowinds is amazing. Vortex stand-up at Paramount Carowinds is not amazing and has a not so comfortable restraint ststem. Its an OK layout, not an amazing one. Built in 1992, and if the Vortex was replaced, it wouldnt bother me a bit.
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