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 Review of Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
0 Rating Posted by: chang on 5/23/2012 2:06:00 PM
Great ride not without it's faults, but that's not to say I haven't had trips to SFMM end up with me remembering 'Goliath' as my favorite ride of the day. I will admit I don't ride it as often these days (partially do to it being a little too intense for my wife) but it's still a must ride at the park. Other than the rather cool (definitely a great spot to grab a photograph) giant 'GOLIATH' letters you walk through, the queue is SF at their mediocre best when it comes to theming, though plenty of greens and even some giant sandals will be seen. The first drop is a pretty vertical angle around 225 feet into a smoke filled blink and you'll miss it tunnel and is by far the highlight of the ride (some say the ride ends there) and and the second drop isn't exactly wimpy either. Coming up on the hill after that second drop is probably the best air time moment for me, and that is where the coaster loses a point for me. I'm an airtime guy, and this ride, overall, seems to be more remembered for positive G's on the double helix in the second half, which is indeed rather intense. I don't know if being a taller guy has anything to do with it, but I certainly get the 'feeling like I'm close to blacking out' thing that others have spoken of. I think the second half of the ride could have been more creative but still, it's a must ride, especially from the front row, at least once, just for the 'nothing in front of you' feeling on those drops, and it can also be fun to ride with some sarcastic fools screaming about Kurt Rambis for the entire ride. Best hyper in the world? No, but still isn't to be missed and I suggest hitting it as your first ride of the day, I've been lucky as my last two times to SFMM there was no line and waited for maybe one train to go before getting on.
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