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 Review of The Simpsons Ride @ Universal Studios Florida
2 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 12/16/2008 7:05:00 PM
Let me start off by saying that I unfortunately never got to ride Back to the Future, the ride that this one replaced. However, while many are certainly saddened by the attraction’s closure, supposedly the ride was getting very dated. Well, say good buy to the good ole Delorians and hello to Krustyland with Universal’s newest attraction- the Simpsons Ride.

Having never watched the Simspons once, I really wasn’t coming on expecting much, especially since most of the motion simulators I’ve been on have been pretty lackluster. However, the attraction started off on a positive note for me with the ride’s cartoonish exterior. While the ride’s entrance definitely is corny, it definitely does stand out with its vibrant colors and Krusty’s imposing head.

Prior to visiting Universal, I had heard many reports of this attraction garnering 60-90 minute waits since it was the newest attraction, but thankfully I think I was visiting the park on an off-day, as this only had a 20-25 minute wait each time I rode it. Really the experience begins in the very well themed queue, which replays various Simpsons clips much to my delight. In fact, I bet many Simpsons fans wouldn’t mind enduring a really long wait since I never saw any clips repeat during my wait, so there must be a ton that they use.

Eventually, I made my way to the top level of the building, the location of the ride’s really long and hysterical pre-show where the ride’s plot is established- Slideshow Bob has escaped jail and is determined to extract his revenge on Krusty and the Simpsons. Meanwhile, Krusty has debuted his newest, adrenaline-pumping attraction at his beloved park- Krustyland. Despite the pre-show’s incredibly long length, the overall quality and humor in it made it better than even some of Universal’s attractions! After the great pre-show, it’s time to board. Of the two rows, I definitely like the front better simply because of the unobstructed view, but other than that wherever I sat doesn’t really effect my ride. Also, the seats are comfortable and roomy, which is always a plus.

Once the ride begins, it’s apparent that this wasn’t going to be just a normal motion simulator. Forced to ride Krusty’s modified coaster at the mercy of Slideshow Bob, the attraction is an intense, action-packed thrill ride from beginning to end that flawlessly intertwined thrills with many parts that had me dying laughing. One thing I definitely have to praise the park on is how smooth and perfectly executed the motions were. At all times they were flawlessly synched to the film, and heck, they were even capable of producing better sensations than some roller coasters, especially during the roller coaster segment, which has some incredibly realistic drops and sensations, and my personal favorite, the incredibly convincing barrel roll performed.

Really there wasn’t a dull moment at all during the attraction, as it’s a rip-rocking joyride through Krustyland and Springfield, encountering surprise after surprise. I could describe every scene in detail, but I don’t want to spoil the pure genius of this attraction for anyone. Also, all of the CGI utilized during the attraction was crisp and vibrant, and the audio was flawless throughout. Not only that, but the Simpsons Ride was very long and definitely a satisfying ride experience that flawlessly combines thrills with comedy. Lastly, the audio was crisp and clear, a fact that I generally take for granted, but that is until I ride an attraction where I can’t understand what the heck is going on.

It’s official, I have a new favorite motion simulator, and I have a feeling that this one will almost never be beaten! I just can’t help but praise Universal for how well executed this attraction is, with the hysterical adult humor combined with an action-packed thrill ride from start to finish. The whole film is just ingenious and perfectly executed, and definitely a worthy attraction in Universal’s impressive arsenal of attractions. While I preferred the Mummy and Men in Black slightly better, the Simpsons Ride is an incredible experience from start to finish that is even far superior to many of the roller coasters I have ever been on! Yeah, it’s that good!

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coaster05 on 12/31/2008 12:28:40 AM said:
Very fun and funny ride. I love the building and the waiting room where the janitor talks to you. Nice review.
praxis on 1/4/2009 10:48:11 AM said:
You've never seen the Simpsons?!? Smithers, release the hounds!
nyeboy9 on 1/4/2009 7:53:48 PM said:
I've heard there are quite a few inside jokes from the series sprinkled throughout the ride as well, but it's nice to know you can still enjoy the ride regardless of your knowledge of the show. Nice Review!
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