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 Review of Thunder Canyon @ Cedar Point
2 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 3/11/2008 4:33:00 PM
For the most part, Thunder Canyon is a good river rapids ride. The wait on this one is excruciatingly long, but that is kind of the standard for rides like this on days when it actually is warm enough to justify doing it. The scenery on the ride is fantastic, and the setting is great with plenty of rockwork and trees. And the waterfalls at the finale are pretty soaking and almost guarantee that you will come off fairly soaked. However, the one thing I was a bit disappointed with was that the rapids just seemed awfully calm to me. It was more or less a pretty leisurely stroll in our raft, with very few of the choppy rapids that can add to the excitement of these types of rides. Still a good ride for a hot day, and definitely a fun choice, but probably my least favorite water ride at Cedar Point.
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