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 Review of Shipwreck Falls @ Geauga Lake
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 1/30/2008 5:37:00 PM
Shipwreck Falls is your typical Hopkins "shoot-the-chutes" water ride, and an above average one at that. This was the best water ride at Geauga Lake, although thats not really saying too much since the other 2 provide very weak competition. The setting, as coaster05 mentioned, did seem cramped and it was certainly not in a scenic area, which gave it that sort of "plopped in" feeling. The one boat off on the corner seemed like a rather lame attempt at theming to me. The ride itself does what it is supposed to, as you go up, turn, then splash down into the water. Everyone gets pretty soaked, although the bridge people seemed to get more of it than the actual riders did. All in all though, Shipwreck Falls provided a brief escape from the heat with a typical drop and slightly above average splash, and we did have a fun ride.

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shag9004 on 1/30/2008 8:39:23 PM said:
Nice review like normal. How about a review of Legend at Holiday World when you get the chance? I enjoy your reviews and noticed that you have to yet review it.
PhantomNik on 1/31/2008 6:16:49 PM said:
Thanks for the kind words! And I do try my best to please, so head on over to Legend and check out my freshly typed review, as requested! I had been going through reviewing all of my really memorable coasters, and decided to take a break from that and get these Geauga reviews in here before the status of them ends up closed since the park is no more. But since Legend was next up, I figured now was as good a time as any.
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