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 Review of Indiana Jones Adventure @ Disneyland Park
0 Rating Posted by: praxis on 10/22/2007 12:08:00 AM
Ive been to WDW in Florida a few times in recent years, and DL in California a looong time ago. (Tomorrowland was telling us how someday, television might actually be in color.) I got to check out the west coast version of the mouse house recently, and Indy was a ride I had high hopes for. It didnt disappoint. After a very long, very elaborately themed line, you strap into the jeeps for the ride. You go through one of three doors at the beginning, but the ride is identical after each one. Then some tourist looks into the eyes of a no-goodnik idol and its off to the races. The sets you cruise through are big, lavishly atmospheric and filled with all kinds of keen stuff - fire, hundreds of skulls, realistic AA figures of the esteemed Dr. Jones, a giant snake, the famous rolling boulder. And the jeep moves, a lot, more fluidly and with a greeater range of motion than any moving car Ive been in. This thing really heaves you to and fro. Disney Studios in Florida needs a clone of Indy - its the best dark ride in the world that doesnt involve 3-d images of Spiderman.

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Pete C on 10/22/2007 9:59:43 AM said:
We will never get this ride in Florida for one reason, it is the same ride as Dinosaur at Animal Kindgom with a different theme. The track layout and ride motions are exactly the same. I think most would agree Indy is the better ride. While Dinosaur is a very fun ride, it is tucked away in the hideous DinoLand section of the park with little fanfare or lines. Indy would have been busting at the seams any day of the week at MGM.
praxis on 10/22/2007 1:01:22 PM said:
I retain hope, perhaps foolishly, that the upcoming Indy movie will fuel cloning of this ride. They can have multiple hub/spoke rides, multiple 3-d shows, why not Indy + Dino?
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