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 Review of Yankee Cannonball, The @ Canobie Lake Park
0 Rating Posted by: NewEngland on 8/20/2007 2:39:00 PM
The Yankee Cannonball is by far one of the best roller coasters Ive ever ridden. Despite being less than 70 feet high, Cannonball packs a major punch with its smoothness (which is amazing considering its 77 years old) and its insane amount of airtime! I was seriously lifted out of my seat at least THREE times! This is a must ride if you are ever going to Canobie, you wont regret it.

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detroit_jc on 9/20/2007 6:20:48 PM said:
does this ride still operate with the buzz bars?
mrceagle on 9/20/2007 9:09:16 PM said:
yes this ride dose operate with a buzz bar. it dose have individual seat belts and head rests. Though the seat belts are long enough that you can leave then loose and its like they are that long.
detroit_jc on 9/21/2007 1:19:21 AM said:
i really miss the old school buzz bars on coasters. i remember being really young on the blue streak @ CP & my father holding on to me as i was flying out of my seat. ive been on the beast with the buzzbars too i believe...
but sometimes i have even stapled myself in. specially when i first rode the magnum...still my tallest coaster to date...
Princess on 9/21/2007 6:10:09 AM said:
I too can say that the Yankee Cannonball still operates with buzz bars.
mrceagle on 9/21/2007 2:00:13 PM said:
The buzz bars defiantly offer a Unique experiance compared to there Individually ratcheting brothers. but the IRLPs are lower liability and with some coaster you can lower the needed Height limit.
Princess on 9/21/2007 9:02:44 PM said:
Thats always a plus as I always am saddened by the kid whos just a little too short to ride. Hey, whatever keeps people safe.
ginzo on 9/21/2007 10:23:40 PM said:
I cant condone the installation of ratcheting lap bars on classic coasters that have operated safely for decades without them. Perhaps extreme woodies like Hades and Voyage need them, but this coaster certainly does not. Our national safety obsession rots the soul.
mrceagle on 9/21/2007 10:59:08 PM said:
Ginzo - i wasnt in any way implying that it should and woudl not want to see the coaster with them. I honestly feel too many coaster operate with them.
ginzo on 9/22/2007 8:22:18 PM said:
mrc: Im aware. Im just still bitter about the unnecessary removal of buzz bars, even though it happened en masse years ago. I remember when it happened to the Racer, and then to the Beast in the subsequent season. I didnt like it back then, even though I was far from an enthusiast at the time. The vast majority of out n back style woodies do not need ratcheting lap bars. They do nothing but steal airtime, and sorta discourage idiots from standing up or jumping from the train. As HW learned a few years ago, stupidity can even overcome ratcheting lap bars.
mrceagle on 9/22/2007 9:01:19 PM said:
OK I get you now. Though you might have misunderstood me. Thanks for clearing that up and its good to see you posting again.
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