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 Review of Cyclone @ Six Flags New England
2 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 4/2/2007 10:10:00 PM
Wow, what a mixed bag of reviews this ride has received. Living on the completely opposite side of the country, I didnt ride this lamenting the loss of what used to be. In fact, it was only sort of a foggy recollection in my mind that this coaster had been tampered with at all, being once the great Riverside Cyclone in pre-Six Flags days. The ride came across to me as a very typical late-70s, early-80s wooden coaster. In fact, there were posters of several of exactly this type of coaster while waiting in line to ride (i.e., SFMMs Colossus and SFOTs Judge Roy Scream). You do have to give these credit for being part of the wooden coaster renaissance, but theyre not really old enough to be considered classics and theyre certainly not mind-blowing enough in comparison to todays wooden monsters to be considered amazing rides. However, taken for what it is, I found Cyclone to be actually quite good. The layout was sort of unique, with the very photogenic turnaround after the first drop right next to a later turnaround at almost the exact same height level. None of the drops were huge, but I do remember a lot of lateral forces and a few spots of negative forces as well. Also, the speed was well maintained throughout. Ive seen POVs of this where the trim brakes appear to bring the train to a crawl as it undulates over portions of the track, but I did not notice this at all while riding. The entire ride was wild and rough, but not so much so that it was unpleasant. Its not the Coney Island Cyclone and its not El Toro, but for the thrill of a wooden coaster ride, I can still give SFNEs Cyclone a high rating.

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Got_it on 4/14/2007 6:47:00 PM said:
Very nice review.
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