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 Review of Shamu Adventure @ Sea-World Florida
2 Rating Posted by: simla on 6/18/2006 5:06:00 AM
the new show is called "believe". This is by far the biggest let down of my orlando trip. After seeing blue horizons, I was thinking SeaWorld couldnt make anything wrose than that and they proved me wrong agian. This show is full of corny and hokey plot. They dont try to show you off some great shamu behavior. Instead they try to tell you some stupid story about a boys dream and his life to become a trainer. This is just a awful apporach to present a shamu show. The old one is so much better than this crap. I guess the reason I still give it a 4 is becasue the LCD screen is pretty cool. They got the technology, and they got the supporting cast (boy), but they overlook the star of the show.

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primogen18 on 6/18/2006 7:02:36 PM said:
I have to agree about how I was expecting more about the actual animal and what not instead of a "story" type thing. When did they actually change it? I was there friday and it seemed like it was pretty new. A couple of the shows seemed "newer" or well, changed, like "Fusion" which I guess used to be something else as well since its not listed on here.
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