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 Review of Mine of Lost Souls @ Canobie Lake Park
0 Rating Posted by: Achibabwa on 10/5/2004 1:31:00 AM
Im ok with the mummy thing, they said not to go too far, and clearly we did; all the way to Egypt, or any other ancient civilization that mummified people, it never says were in Egypt per-say. Okay thats as much as I can take, it doesnt really work. I could justify it, but Im not really a fan of that part of the ride. Nice effects, though some could be updated. The track is too easily seen, perhaps a change in lighting as well. Nice job good effects, so close to being perfect. I dont skip this ride. Nice tribute to the good ol days of pretzel dark rides.

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mrceagle on 10/27/2004 1:24:38 AM said:
You should have ridden this ride a few years back before they installed better theatrical lighting (bright it was). The infamous Mummy will always be a blemish on the ride until it is replaced. What other FX didnt you like and feel need to be updated?
Achibabwa on 11/7/2004 2:11:11 AM said:
Wow, thinking back, I believe I did ride it before the new lighting. I think it was just a couple of the animatronic guys that werent that convincing, Ill try to remember and let you know.
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