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 Review of Nitro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
-4 Rating Posted by: 3r1c on 7/12/2003 10:54:00 AM
Nitro is either a coaster you love or you think is just medicore. The first drop is awesome in the front, but it seemed weak in the back. The next hill which dives to the left doesnt leave you thinking "Im gonna fall out" and the next hill produces little airtime. The hammerhead is great on the right side, and if you lean out a bit you will feel as if youll fall out. The next hill and the other after it produce barely any floater airtime, just a very slight hit. Next is an s-curve followed by an intense helix. The MCBR slows the train down, which leads to bunny hills producing just as much air as the 3rd and 4th. Overall, a dissappointing ride. The front was much better than the back, as you could almost feel the air whereas in the back you couldnt.

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Cyclonic on 7/12/2003 11:57:34 AM said:
After much riding, I personally have found the back to be the best seats. You just seem to float over those larger hills.

BTW, glad you made it out to the park, hope you are feeling better. I must have missed you though, was looking for you, oh well. Ill be at Knoebels on the 21st in the evening.

Red Rascal on 7/12/2003 3:08:19 PM said:
You only went on four rides while you were at the park?
3r1c on 7/13/2003 8:33:00 AM said:
No, Im just didnt review the others yet

I was looking for you also Black7, but I didnt see you also. Oh well, maybe next time.
kowrip on 8/4/2003 11:54:40 AM said:
You didnt receive ANY airtime in the back row ? Thats very odd as the air time is most intense in the back. I always feel loads of airtime in the back. The front is only good for the view. The bunny hops totally lose their effect in the front car.
3r1c on 8/4/2003 1:15:13 PM said:
Maybe I caught Nitro on a bad day. The back was good for the first drop (which wasnt as good as Apollos IMO) and helix, but anywhere else I just found it to be boring really. I just wasnt impressed. It didnt help that I was anticipating a new #1 either. Fun, but definately overrated.
benleibo on 1/4/2004 11:25:30 AM said:
Booo- come on- dont be dissing Nitro. I admit that SFGadv is not the greatest park when compared to the BG parks. However Nitro is amazing! The first drop is so much better than ACs. I havent ridden AC but all my friends who did say nitro is better. Plus, Nitro is 50 taller!
Hercules on 2/2/2005 12:56:09 PM said:
Just because a ride is 50 taller does not make it a better ride. At least you said you havent ridden Apollos Chariot after saying that Nitros first drop is better lol. Im getting on the bad boy on opening day and I will see just how great or mediocare it is. I also hope to get to ride Apollos Chariot at some point during the season too.
papa1958 on 2/2/2005 8:00:05 PM said:
As a frequent rider, I can say with some experience that the airtime is better in the back.
mrceagle on 2/3/2005 10:49:34 AM said:
Nitro normaly gives an intence rid3e in the back. I actually like Nitro better then Superman. Now Superman has allot of air time but the layout is prodictable. I found Nitro to have more unexpected thrills.
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