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 Review of Scream! @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
4 Rating Posted by: idontknow on 4/23/2003 12:18:00 AM
You shouldnt go on this ride expecting something as thrilling as X, because if you do, you will end up dissapointed. But if you just want a fun ride on a good roller coaster, this is the ride for you. The ride starts off with a quick quiet lift hill, and then descends on a curving quick drop. The bottom of the drop is the only part of the ride which could really considered to be rough, but you wont notice it unless you really pay attention, this ride is smooth. Right after the drop is the best loop Ive ever been through. The 128 foot tall monster loop is great. No matter what row you are in at the end of the loop you will feel like you are about to fall out of your seat. After that the ride swoops above the queue line into the dive loop. The dive loop feels great in the front row but it is just an average inversion on the other seats of the train. After that is the best part of the ride by far, the great zero gravity roll. You feel like you are going to fall out of the seat on that thing, and it gives great air time. Right after that, is the large cobra roll. Two quick inversions later, you fly up into the block brake. You actually get airtime while flying up into it. After that is the helix, which is great if you are in the front but mediocre anywhere else. It feels like you could hit the track when you are on the front. After the helix the transition to the corkscrews gives another pop of airtime. The corkscrews are fun (much better than the ones on Viper) and then you are back into the station. This ride packs a lot of great inversions into a short amount of time, and while its not the smoothest B&M anyone who calls it rough is nitpicking. The ride also has great capacity and the lines rarely get over one hour long, its a great addition to the park by Six Flags and a nice change to the 2 hour long lines Deja Vu and X have daily. After numerous rides on this, I decided its worthy of a perfect score.
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