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 Review of Tower of Terror @ Disney-MGM Studios
3 Rating Posted by: SaRa716 on 3/31/2003 9:18:00 AM
I was 10 when i rode this and i was terrified. Ive never been on anything scarier than the tea cups. Although right then id rather walk a mile in glass, i knew id regret not going on it so my grandma took me on. Well, we waited about 2 hours in line and each minute i was getting more scared. When I finally sat in the ride, it was awesome. The twilight vision and the people looked so real i thought i could touch them. When that was over the elevater guy said see you at the bottom and laughed. My grandma, being the fiesty lady she his said some funny comment i forgot and made the other terrified people on the ride at ease. Well, when the elevator started moving, i got extremly terrified and wanted to get off, but it was too late. The ride slowly crawled to the top of the building and there was a window. I finally saw how high up we were and freaked out. But after awhile i was calm again because the elevator stopped and i thought it was over. I started to look for my mom out the window when finally WHOOSH!!!!!!!!!!! It dropped. I grabbed a hold of my grandma so tight i probably broke her bones. Then it shot back up and down again. Even though I was wobbly when i got off and terrified, I absolutly loved it, it was an unexplainable feeling. Sorry for rambling on,lol

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CoasterMac on 3/31/2003 8:45:03 PM said:
I know how it feels to ramble on like that, especially about a ride as great as this one. i was 11 when i took my first ride. wow, that was like 6 years ago now! it still feels like yesterday, i have acctaully had dreams about this ride, like the recent years, not just the night after i rode it! i loved everything about this ride, it is perfect, i want anybody to challenge me on that! go ahaed, try! well im sure somebody could, because im sure somebody had a bad episode on it, someone somewhere, but nobody i know. all i know is i loved it and i cant wait to go back. im going next May, after my finals!
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