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 Review of Mind Eraser, The @ Darien Lake
0 Rating Posted by: RideRevu on 8/4/2001 5:26:00 PM
This isnt a terrible ride, but its not really exciting or memorable. It does bang you around a bit but has some nice drops. If youve ever ridden a B&M inverted coaster (Talon at Dorney, Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Great Bear at Hershey) youll see how much better those are. This ride is also really in need of a paint job. Anyone else think its weird that the track and trains are blue and red, but the logo is purple and black?

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MagnumMan on 1/21/2002 12:02:59 PM said:
of course theyre better! both Alpengeist, Great Bear, and Talon are all designed by B&M! Velkoma has absolutly nothing on them!
MagnumMan on 1/21/2002 12:05:14 PM said:
well, that color scheme never struck me as weird but now that you say it, that is kinda strange.
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