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 Review of Claw @ Hersheypark
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/9/2011 9:22:00 PM
Even when I’m at Hersheypark, whenever I hear someone say “the claw,” I immediately think of those little, green aliens from Toy Story. While Toy Story is an undeniably great movie franchise, this still shocks me since the Claw is an incredible flat ride. Not only is it the best flat ride Hersheypark has to offer, but it is also my favorite version of these Frisbee style attractions. Located in Music Box Way, the Claw looks great. Not only does the ride sport a fresh paint scheme that really seems to fit in with the area, but at night the ride really comes alive thanks to an incredible light package mounted on the arm. Watching the Claw spin and swing back and forth at night with those lights really makes for some cool photo opportunities. Being Hersheypark’s most popular flat ride, understandably the Claw often has the longest wait of Hersheypark’s flats. However, that still doesn’t translate to all that bad of a wait. Typically, the Claw’s line is around 15 minutes in length thanks to its pretty high capacity of 32 riders per cycle. Additionally, loading is fairly fast thanks to riders being restrained only by an over-the-shoulder restraint. While I personally prefer the added sense of security from the redundant seatbelt, its absence definitely speeds up loading. Eventually the Claw begins to spin and slowly rock back and forth. Unlike the standard Huss Frisbees, this Chance Morgan model relies more on the swinging aspect rather than the spinning aspect. As a result, the spinning isn’t particularly disorienting or thrilling. Instead, its purpose is to give all riders opportunities to experience the swings at their highest points. After about 30 seconds or so of slow swinging, the Claw really kicks it into high gear and the forcing swinging commences. Not only do these swings produce some powerful Gs on the downswings, but the upswings produce some incredible floater air as well. In total, there are about 10 of these full swings. In particular, for four of five of the swings, the arm goes beyond a 90 degree angle. Because of the added height, the floater air is sustained for a good 2-3 seconds on these swings and the Gs are even more powerful on the downswings. Overall, the Claw is my favorite version of this type of attraction. Not only does the swinging have an excellent combination of floater air and positive Gs, but the ride’s cycle is quite long as well. I personally feel that Palace Playland’s Adrenalin (a Technical Park model) is stronger; however, that one has a far shorter cycle. Not only is the Claw Hersheypark’s best flat ride, but it is also better than several of their roller coasters such as the Wildcat and Wild Mouse. Since the Claw is one of Hersheypark’s best attractions, I highly recommend giving this a ride or two.
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