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 Review of Vortex @ Canadas Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: Nlfreakk on 5/27/2009 5:16:00 PM
Overall, I was a little disappointed by Vortex. I can't say it's a great ride: it is a super fun experience, but it falls flat in some areas, because of which I'd judge the coaster being a 3.75 (4 would be too much, 3 not enough (sharpen the rating system TPC!!!).. )

It delivered on intensity: for the most part, the pace is relentless and the layout is filled with sharp G force-filled turns. I also thought the landscaping was VERY exciting. I loved climbing over the mountain and dropping from it and then gliding over the lake. It did deliver a pretty amazingly fast experience. Oh, and except for some little bumps here and there, I thought it was rather smooth.

But overall, when the train hit the final brakes, I wasn't feeling satisfied all that much. Much of the time, I didn't feel like the cars were actually swinging side to side. To my opinion, except for the big turn over the station after the first drop, the swinging was hard to feel or care about. To me it just felt like an invert, period. I also thought the ride was incredibly short! When I realised the final brakes were dead ahead, I was extremely surprised, badly surprised, mainly because it had been too short, obviously, but also because that the finale just lacked the spice the rest of the ride delivered. It just isn't a memorable way to end the ride: it feels like after the helix over the lake, the track ahead's purpose is more to get you to the end rather than thrilling you. This way, the last thing you remember from the ride is something lackluster.

So, I generally liked Vortex. It deserves much credit for being unique, beauthiful, fast and mostly intense, but it's painfully short, ends very badly and it doesn't feel like a real swinging coaster.

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