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 Review of Shivering Timbers @ Michigans Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: khmaverick on 4/2/2009 7:53:00 PM
This is one of my favorite roller coasters of all time. Upon entering the parking lot, this beast stands tall, as if guarding the park. When you enter the line for Shivering Timbers, you get to look at the vista for a brief moment. The scenery may not be all that amazing, but it makes you think of how Cedar Fair has really fixed up Michigan's Adventure. The station is a very basic design and pretty cramped, but that is easily ignorable. When choosing a seat, remember that they're all good, especially the front. But if you want an intense ride, go to the back. You'll get whipped over every hill and every turn. The airtime on this ride is consistantly amazing. When you get to the top of the lift hill, it strikes you how amazing this ride is. All you can see is hill after hill ahead. For the next couple minutes, you will be floating and sinking and then floating again. People have complained about the monotony of only airtime, but that is exactly what an out and back coaster is designed to do, and Shivering Timbers is at the pinnacle of out and back design. This purely amazing ride also has some great lateral g-force. The trick-track is a little rough but still a great little surprise every time you ride. The helix is the exact definition of what a helix should be. It's 630 degrees (1 and 3/4 full circles) of pure intensity. You should pick your seat depending on how you like your roller coasters. If you're like me and can take a hit, ride in the back for a rougher, but better ride. If you like smoother coasters, Ride in the front. No matter where you ride it, Shivering Timbers is always awesome. It never seems to let up its pace and can be counted on to consistantly provide good quality rides year after year. I have never come off this ride frowning.
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