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 Review of El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
3 Rating Posted by: Nlfreakk on 3/24/2009 5:48:00 PM
This roller coaster just blew me away. From the moment we hit the lift hill (yes, the lift hill) to the moment where the ending brakes put the beast to a final stop, I was in complete awe. This ride is like nothing you've ever seen before.

If you've already read TheCoasterCritic's review on El Toro, you can see that he made out a really good point! Basically, he says that the reason why people are so excited and awe-struck, but still unabused and happy when they hit the brakes, in a way you can't observe people act on other coasters, is that they are not used to riding something so thrilling and comfortable.

At first I was hyper-nervous. I was expecting this ride to beat me up and strike me nuts. The trains are very comfortable and opened-up and truly look and feel awesome. Their look really enhances the beauthiful theming of the coaster, which itself truly adds to the athmosphere, thus to the ride experience significantly.
The lift hill really didn't quite help me relaxing. It is the fastest I have ever experienced. It pulls you up the ride's extreme heights in absolutely no time, while still being almost completely silent. Very exciting start.
Then, we went through a surprisingly fast left-handed 180 degree turn that freaked me out alot more, due its height and speed and the fact that it goes down directly into the terrifying 75 degree drop.
THIS DROP IS AMAZING!!! The speed at which you take on the plunge, its steepness and the extreme headchoppers and G-forces at the bottom of it make it seem like eternity. It's insane no matter where you're sitting, though even more towards the back, of course!
Two extreme airtime hills follow. Both are taken terribly fast and go back down so steeply that the fierce ejector airtime lasts over 2 seconds each time. This is insanity.
Still at awesome speeds, we rose back up, then down into a turnaround filled with vertical and lateral G-forces and, of course, high speeds.
The way back is probably the weakest part of the ride, and to tell you the truth, it was quite disappointing. The train does a s-turn over the second airtime hill, then drops quite weakly, into a very mild speed hill.
Fortunately, the pace of the ride picks up again when the train enters an ascending razor-sharp curve to the left with surprising speed and headchoppers. And what does this ascention lead into?
The most sudden and powerful ejection you have ever experienced, unless you were smoking crack when you rode. Your upper legs are fiercely (but comfortably) smacked into your lap bar while your hair, shirt and seat belt all rise up skywards together. Even though it should have been just a little bit weaker, this 7th hill is a celebration of airtime.
The first time I rode, this hill felt so powerful I was litterally knocked out for each of the 3 following s-curves. Each time the train banked to a side, my inert body was dangling with it. After those intense curves comes a turnaround with great G-forces, and then some weaker twists and turns (where airtime would've been nice) into the brakes.

When the ride is over, unlike on most rides, you can't immediately turn around and talk about the ride with your friends. First all you can do is breathe, because El Toro is one hell of an intense ride.

More than 3 memorable airtime hills would have been nice, and the straight part after the big turnaround and second half of the twisted ending could've and should've been more thrilling.
But El Toro is absolutely brilliant in every aspect. It has beauthiful landscaping and theming, extreme airtime, relentless high speeds, a next-gen feel and spectacular smoothness, thanks to the prefab track.

Thank you Mr. Stengel for this wonderful creation that emerged from your lovable brain.

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