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 Review of Vortex @ Canadas Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 9/3/2008 7:30:00 PM
Date Ridden: Summer of 2008. Times Ridden: 1 Vortex is a suspended coaster (some people call them &quot..basket rides&quot..) in the far, far north. It is among the top coasters at CW and ranks second to the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg among suspended coasters. It offers an enjoyable climb up the top of the signature mountain in the middles of the park, a great first drop, and lots of speed and swinging which is what a good suspended coaster does. The line is normally backed up out of the que but does move very quickly. A full que seems to be about a 30-45 minute wait which is not bad. The ride itself seems to be well maintained and the station crew does a wonderful job of hurrying people on and off. There are no signature or stand-out moments on the ride but there is nothing that bad either. Despite its location at one of my most despised parks, Vortex is the perfect example of the average coaster. It does not offer an outstanding ride, but does not offer a horrible experience either. It is not a fast ride but is not slow either. I was not really comfortable in the trains, but was not really uncomfortable. Everything it is designed to do, Vortex does and for that it should be commended. I enjoyed my single ride on Vortex but do not plan to visit again anytime soon. CW in general suffers from horrible park operations, poor customer service and massive amounts of people. Visit the park at your own risk but if you do, take a spin on this ride. It is one of the only decent rides at the entire park.Overall Rating - 7
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