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 Review of Dark Knight @ Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Rating Posted by: phoenix on 7/29/2008 1:17:00 AM
*SPOILER* I rode the Dark Knight about a week ago on a very hot afternoon. Overall, Dark Knight is a good ride. The line wait was not unbearable in the heat since it is under a canopy. The two tvs outside had me singing along with a few of the songs. One I remember specifically was &quot.All My Exes&quot. by George Strait. Every once in a while the sound of an extreme crash could be heard. I don&#39.t recall this during the ride, so I assume it was part of the outside theming. Since everyone was hot and sweaty and sticky, we were relieved to find the pre show holding area AIR CONDITIONED!!! That itself made this ride worth the 45 minute wait.

The show is set as if park guests are in the sudience of a press conference discussing Gotham City&#39.s most recent crime wave. I also tried to pay attention to the messeges running below the screen, which mostly summarized the show, but also stated something about a delay or closure on I-76! When the tv screen started to flicker, I actually thought that there were real technical difficulties, but of course, it was in fact the Joker &#39.hijacking&#39. the press conference! I am so gullable! Other than the HAHA and Why So Serious? lights on the wall, I can&#39.t remember what the phrases were. I am a sucker for colored lights, so I enjoyed that part.

After the preshow, we are feeling quite comfy in the AC and take notice to things around the queue line in the dimly lit station. It appears we are in a control room of some sort, but one that&#39.s not taken care of because of all the (stuffed) rats all over the place. My friend thought it&#39.d be a great idea to have a mechanical rat scurrying underneath the queue line ramp to scare people! As we turn up the second part of the ramp there is a screen that is videoing everyone walking by, but don&#39.t get too close! The Joker has hijacked this as well, putting joker faces on all who walk by! This is the only ride at Great Adventure that does not have gates on its loading platform. I don&#39.t think the mouse cars stop moving either, but I&#39.m not sure. That part happened very quickly.

The ride itself is a typical wild mouse ride, but it is very heavily themed. The arrow at the top of the lift hill points in the opposite direction that the car actually goes. Many hairpin turns, several unexpected drops, lots of lighted HAHAs and the Joker laughing hysterically at every turn makes this a better than average mouse ride. I was in the front seat and was unable to see the track most of the time. The picture of myself taken on this ride made me laugh and my pure thrill screaming at every element made my riding buddies laugh!

I would definitely go on this again, but to do all the coasters in one day at this park, this ride will probabaly not get a reride from me. I almost wanna go see the movie now!
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