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 Review of Raptor @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 7/25/2008 7:55:00 PM
After a harsh thunder storm that brought hail and lightning to Cedar Point was over me and my brother decided we would hed back and enjoy the coasters we hadn&#39.t experienced yet. We got in line and waited about 45 minutes and soon we were on. The layout of raptor in the beginning is similar to Vampire at La Ronde, meaning it was quite intense! You drop and go into an extremely tall inverted loop which gave some excellent g&#39.s and then into an insane Zero Graviy Roll. The thing that differentiates is the cobra roll which was very forceful and packed quite a punch qoing in and out. AFter the cobra roll you wrap around the zero gravity roll and get sucked back into your seat in a quick turn into The MCBR. The MCBR pinched our train slowiing it slighty and dowen we went into the twisted track turning to the right then we hit the first corkscrew which was Very intense and really flipped us around, we weaved a bit more around the loop and then hit our second corkscrew with even more intenisty then the first, after this we spiralled into an incredibly forcfull helix that provided intense positive G&#39.s, then we turned and hit the brakes. The turn can be a bit rough so keep your head back. Overall Raptor is a very solid invert that blows crappy SLC&#39.s out of the water and even beats the BTR clones and vampire!
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