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 Review of Maverick @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 7/25/2008 3:13:00 PM
After waiting since 2007 to travel to Cedar Point these past few days I had the chance to go there and experience there superb selection of coasters. Out of all of the coasters I rode Maverick was definitely my favourite. The ride is western themed and from a distance actually looks sort of tame. But the actual experience is very different. You start off in the station and slowly get propelled out, until you reach the LSM&#39.s that is. The LSM&#39.s finally kick in and you&#39.re launched with some good speed up the lift hill, you know you only have a second to take in the view before you plummet 95 degrees. The train slows slightly and you&#39.re ripped from the sky with intense ejector airtime and rush towards the ground, the dropis unlike ANY other in the world.It then proceeds to flip you through numerous highly banked and extremely intense turns through rocky canyons. The coasters seems to be going at break neck speeds since the elements are so tightly packed, until you reach the airtime hill. You ascend the airtime hill in the same fashion any other maverick elements is taken with incredible force so much that if you didnt have harnesses on you would be wrenched from you&#39.re seat out in to Lake Erie.Or so it seems. Then you travel through another highly banked turn and into the first of two maginifectnly designed horshoe rolls, almost like a corkscrew except more twisted at the top it feels as though you float through the whole inversion but at the same time are travelling thorugh it extremely fast! The same thing happens with the next as well. Then you turn again and become immersed in darkness and slow down. You know what awaits you it just a matter of time before it happens the train teases you as it crawls a few more feet then you are launched forward at what seems like 100 MPH, and as you are lights flash around you chasing you&#39.re train out of the tunnel, you turn through a very highly banked turn and up an airtime hill with a few trims, then down over a lagoon( which was drained on my second ride). Then you go through another canyon and into an S Bend where the heartline roll was. Then as you look ahead you see a magnificently twisted piece of track in front of you a stengel dive. Then suddenly as you enter it you are throw to the side with amazing force so it feels like you are up side down. Then you continue in this fashion and do another stengel dive except this one is even more intense and even more banked. Then you fly over another extreme airtime hill and turn into the brakes. Maverick turned out to be the best roller coaster I&#39.ve ever been on, an intense fast paced coaster with more banked turn than you can count. It Never lets up. Maverick truly is amazing and deserves the 2007 golden ticket award.
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