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 Review of Maverick @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: Animan1 on 7/13/2008 8:33:00 AM
A coaster that is amazing in almost all ways save for one, Maverick is easily one of the Top 3 coasters at CP for me. With better restraints, I can&#39.t help but feel that this ride would be sitting solidly in my personal Top 10.

I got 2 rides in on Maverick on my recent trip to CP, and as many have already attested, my second ride was far better than the first. Maverick&#39.s layout is excecptionally unique, as it doesn&#39.t really follow the mold of anything before it. The ride&#39.s interaction with the &quot.terrain&quot. (quotations only because in this case, the terrain is man-made) is very cool, and actually adds a lot to the ride experience here (for whatever reason, I have had experiences on other rides that looked like they would have far better terrain interactions than they actually did - not so with Maverick). I will not attempt to recreate the ride experience in text format...many others have already done that more effectively than I can anyway. But suffice to say that the coaster is extremely intense, smooth for the majority of its course, and simply a fun coaster to ride. Now, of course, I must mention my one glaring issue with Maverick, and I regret that I must do this: the restraints are simply not comfortable. Unlike some others, I had no problems with head-banging or anything of the like. For me, it was simply a case of the restraint continuing to tighten down on my legs throughout the ride, so that by the end, I was in significant pain and more eager to return to the station than I usually am on a coaster, simply so that the harness could be released. I will grant that on my second ride, I wised up and placed my hard-shell sunglass case in my pocket, thus creating a spacer between my leg and the restraint. This strategy worked quite well, and it is in no small part due to this less painful ride that I enjoyed my second trip on Maverick so much more.

All in all, Maverick is a fantastic coaster, and certainly one that provides a very unique, intense, and fun experience. I still dislike the restraints on these Intamin launched loopers, but I will continue to ride them at any park I visit that has one, and I would certainly take additional rides on Maverick if given the chance. A final kudos should go out to CP, who finally broke from their mold of building coasters that fill the pages of the record books, and instead creating a coaster that is unique and simply fun to ride.
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