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 Review of Haunted Mansion @ Knoebels
0 Rating Posted by: ads102 on 6/28/2008 5:18:00 PM
This ride is good, but does NOT deserve the high praise that it gets IMHO. In addition, the fact that this ride isn't included in the wristband is a bit annoying. If a big theme park tried pulling this, critics would be merciless. For some reason, however, Knoebel's is immune to criticism.

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phoenix on 7/28/2008 3:33:00 PM said:
You'.re right, it is annoying that the Haunted Mansion isn'.t included in the wristband, but consider this. A lot of ride through and walk through dark rides like this one take some abuse from disrespectful patrons that can endanger themselves and/or others. Take a look at what happened at the one SFGAdv had years ago. Correct me if I'.m wrong, but I don'.t think any Six Flags has rides like this since that incident. Knoebels is a free admission park, so it makes this ride very vulnerable to vandalism if it was included in the pay one price plans. It is likely that Knoebels excluded it from these plans to keep people from reriding for hours upon hours to reduce the ride'.s abuse and keep it safer for park guests. If you look closely enough, you will find there are usually park employees at certain points in the ride. I don'.t know if they are security, ride operators or both. Maybe they just do periodic ride checks throughout the day. I think it is safety reasons that this is not a wristband ride.
fergusonat on 7/28/2008 10:23:24 PM said:
Good lord, it'.s like $1.40. Get over it or don'.t ride it. Nobody'.s forcing you to .-) It'.s a unique ride that requires more maintenance than any other ride at the park. And for the experience it provides, it is well-worth the very-reasonable-upcharge
bumprnugit on 7/28/2008 10:32:42 PM said:

"...If a big theme park tried pulling this, critics would be merciless.".. Yeah, that is true, but big theme parks are all POP, and they pull this crap everyday with upcharge attractions, one-time use lockers, and parking fees. And if that were not enough, preferred parking (for those who prefer to throw good money after bad.)

"..For some reason, however, Knoebels is immune to criticism."..

Untrue. You think the ride is over-rated. Fair enough. I am certain you are not alone. And that unto itself never should earn a bad rating (to date, I have never heard the term Knoebels Fan Boy.) However when a park is run well, there is less to criticize.
fergusonat on 7/29/2008 9:36:03 AM said:
".Big theme parks". pull crap like charging $15 for parking and $20 to ride a 10-second upcharge attraction. I think you can spare $1.40 without bitching.
ginzo on 7/30/2008 12:37:33 AM said:
How many times are you going to ride Haunted Mansion in a given trip to Knoebels? I love dark rides, but I couldn'.t see myself doing this excellent dark ride more than twice in a given trip.
shag9004 on 7/30/2008 9:49:32 AM said:
i absolutely hate the hrase ".fan boy".. Why even waste your time and money at an amusement park if you don'.t enjoy it. I live in Georgia but my favorite park is, oh my goodness, Cedar Point (although Knoebels and Holiday World are right up there). However, on my last trip to Cedar Point the park was packed, TTD and Raptor were down all day and lines were crazy. It really was not that great of an experience but still better than any day working.

I admit I was surprised when I learned of the upcharge for this ride and the skylift but then I had a 9 dollar steak (including tax) that you could cut with a plastic knife, bought a awetshirt for less then 20 bucks, and did not pay a penny for parking. I will continue to visit Knoebels and they will continue to get my money for small upcharges. I don'.t think they are immune to criticism, but there is simply very little to criticize.

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