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 Review of Behemoth @ Canadas Wonderland
1 Rating Posted by: weaver23 on 4/29/2008 6:43:00 PM
Behemoth!Canadas Tallest, Fastest, and definitely best coaster. I had been waiting at least 8 months to ride Behemoth. From the August 27th 2007 till APril 25th 2008. It wasa long grueling wait but now that its over I can say it was worth every minute of that wait, plus the 3.5 hour line up I had to endure..

As we neared Canadas Wonderland on that Friday Night, the anxiety was building up inside of me. I just couldnt believe in a few short hours I would be plummeting 230 feet to the ground at 129 KMH. As we drove a massive orange and blue steel structure stuck out amidst the buildings and highways, as if beckoning me to ride it. My heaert pounded wildly inside of me as we drew closer and me awe struck by its massive proportions. So then we lined up for Season Pass Processing. As soon as I saw the line for it, I knew this would be one long wait to get to the top of that lift Hill. The line was at least 90 minutes long.

After waiting so long in line for seasons pass processing we scurried over to Behemoth praying the line would be tolerable. Well let me tell you are prayers were unanswered. For in front of me was a line that not only spat of the Behemoth queue, but went out of the Behemoth midway and around the corner and around another corner to almost the Coca Cola cool zone. So we lined up and waited and waited and waited. Of course there was only a two train operation for an hour or so before finally they realized they should bring in another train. So then after waiting two hours we entered the actual queue for Behemoth. The sign for Behemoth is massive at least 20 feet tall, each individual red letter standing on a poll with lights shining into them. Very nicely done. The actualy Behemoth line up is quite nice too. The sails for the line up kept the sun out and there were even some coke machines in the middle of the line up too. There was even a DJ booth that was playing songs for the waiting guests which added a nice touch as well.

Then finally we stepped into the station not being able to pick where I sat, I sat in a car close to the middle of the train. As soon as we sat down the ride attendants were getting us all pumped of rthe ride yelling whos ready to ride Canadas Tallest Fastest coaster! It was great how they made the experience that exciting. And Let me tell you those proto type cars are amazing! First of all loading into them was quick and easy no complications what so ever which some doubt full people were predicting. I sat in the outside seat on the far left in car 4. The leg room and arm room you have is amazing, and the view was spectacular too! No more fighting for a place to put your arms up. And you could stretch your feet out as far as you wanted! So as we ascended the gargantuan lift the red LED lights on the lift flashed and chased our train as we sped up the lift fairly quickly. As we got higher and higher I kept looking out and screaming OH MY GOD! You could see the CN tower, all of CW all of the neighbourhoods around you, the view was just incredibly stupendous. So as we reached the top I looked down at the impending drop we were about to plummet down and it was so steep I couldntsee the bottom. Then suddenly the train detatched from the lift and we plummeted straight to the ground. That drop is outstanding, you rush straight to the ground at break neck speeds, your whole stomach almost pops into your throat as the butterflies whirl around in youre stomach. The drop is so intense, and so packed with air its incredible. You almost feel as if youre flying with those prototype seats. I can easily say though that the back seat is the best to experience on the drop, youre still going up the very top of the lift when you are ripped over the edge with incredible force and ejected from youre seat becasue the seats are so long! Then as we neared the ground we got sucked back into our seats with some intense positive Gs. Then up into the first airtime hill we went. When you<

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Timberman on 4/29/2008 8:56:18 PM said:
You know, weaver23, I was basically indifferent about this ride, being that (1) its a B&M, and (2) its located further north than I typically wander. Then I read your review and was ready to take off to the Great White North. Very descriptive, and whats more, you accomplish what I like most in a review, which is to translate the fun and excitement of a great ride into words. Nicely done!
weaver23 on 5/1/2008 4:26:15 PM said:
LOL thanks! I was really excited when I saw that reviews could be made for this ride now. I had been waiting since the night I rode it to write a review. I guess my excitement showed up in my writing! That and the fact that Im still amazed this type of coaster is at my homepark
coasterf42 on 5/1/2008 8:40:38 PM said:
Well, your park is and has always been owned by one of the largest amusement park chains in the world. I guess I would be surprised too after all the mediocre coasters the various owners have dumped in there.

I am going in August, and I am certainly glad that they finally have a coaster that makes it worth my while to go to CW. It looks like a nice enough park for an x-Paramount Park.
weaver23 on 5/4/2008 4:35:36 PM said:
After you ride it, nothing else in the park matches upto be quite honest.
coasterf42 on 5/10/2008 9:29:36 PM said:
^Im fully expecting that. Im just hoping it matches up to the other half-dozen or so hypers Ive ridden.
weaver23 on 5/10/2008 10:06:45 PM said:
Ive hard people compare it to millenium force nitro and appolos chariot!Ive heard alot of people say the airtime is surprising for a B&M hyper too.
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