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 Review of Power Tower @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 3/28/2008 12:04:00 PM
Power Tower at Cedar Point is an outstanding thrill ride, and definitely one of my favorite rides on the peninsula of fun in Lake Erie. Certainly not for those weary of heights, Power Tower skyrockets into the sky, boasting 4 towers of an impressive 300 feet. The structure is truly massive, and it is one of the rides that certainly grabs your eye when you drive up the causeway and first approach the park. And its even more impressive when you look at it from below upon entering the queue. I always give PT plenty of rides when I venture up there, and it honestly amazes me that wait times for it are typically so short (ususally in the neighborhood of 5-15 minutes, depending on what side you pick). The ride itself is a standard S&S multi-tower design, and consists of the 4 towers, 2 apiece for the Green and Red sides. Accordingly, I treat this as 2 separate rides, and have decided to write my review in the same fashion. I will add a general statement that the crew here is excellent. They move quickly and always make an effort to find groups to fill up every available seat. Lines for these tower rides can be unbearable and slow, but thats definitely not the case here.

GREEN SIDE (Turbo Drop) - The Turbo Drop portion of the ride is certainly great, but just not my favorite of the two. Riders are slowly lifted to near the top of the structure, where the anticipation certainly builds as riders are kept up there for several seconds. The views are simply breathtaking, although the first time you are up there, thats not exactly what goes through your mind as the pulse quickens rapidly! The drop is very good with some good stomach-dropping sensations, although I would have thought that it wouldve been faster than it was. The "car" (or whatever youd call it) then bounces back up, providing a mild floating sensation before gliding back to the ground. This on its own is a very good ride, but when I have the choice, I usually go for the Red side. 8/10

RED SIDE (Space Shot) - Simply amazing, and by far the superior choice of sides for me. The ride sits hovering slightly above the ground for what seems to be an eternity, and my heart always races. Not so much from fear, but more in anticipation of the tremendous ride ahead. With a rush of air from the compressors, the riders are launched skyward with some definite power and some formidable speed that over here actually does feel quite fast. At the top, the ride stops, but your body needs to catch up. What results is a MASSIVE jolt of airtime that lasts a good 2-4 seconds as the riders fly above their seats! Just phenominal! The ride then falls back down and bounces back up again before gliding to rest back on "terra firma". I am an airtime junkie, I admit it, so for me you cannot go wrong with the space shot side. The forces are strong, and that pop of airtime at the top is addictive! Simply put, this side is a perfect thrill ride that delivers every single time for me. Awesome!! 10/10

So there you have it. Put together, Power Tower comes in at a more than respectable 9. This is really an outstanding thrill ride that is an integral part of Cedar Points high octane arsenal. The thrills are tremendous, and you will no doubt be laughing and having a blast (no pun intended) on this tower ride. Each side is worth some rides, but if you like airtime, take it from me - the red side is where its at! Power Tower is a real winner, and certainly a cant miss attraction at Cedar Point that gets a huge thumbs up from this critic!<script src=http://

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wavylips on 8/20/2013 4:14:38 PM said:
I wanna try both kinds of the ride, shot and drop!
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